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If a spool valve is bad on a steering rack can that be repaired or does the whole steering rack have to be changed?


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2007-12-10 00:59:34
2007-12-10 00:59:34

Generally it would be cheaper to replace the unit with a used one from a salvage yard. If the power steering fluid has metal particles in it the pump has failed. At this point the entire system including pump, hoses and rack should be swapped out. The reason is that you can NEVER get all the abrasives out of the plumbing and if you replace just the spool valve contamination in the fluid will quickly destroy your repair work.


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A common reason for this to happen with front wheel drive vehicles, is the steering rack is going bad. Cold weather will aggravate it even more.This is more of an annoyance than a safety issue. Mark This is most likely caused due to a problem in your spool valve on the steering rack. It can be repaired but I'm not sure if it's legal to do so in your country - you'll probably have to replace the rack. Plain and simple ---the valve body of the steering gear is shot replace the steering box or rack as the case may be

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