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Generally it would be cheaper to replace the unit with a used one from a salvage yard. If the Power Steering fluid has metal particles in it the pump has failed. At this point the entire system including pump, hoses and rack should be swapped out. The reason is that you can NEVER get all the abrasives out of the Plumbing and if you replace just the spool valve contamination in the fluid will quickly destroy your repair work.

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Q: If a spool valve is bad on a steering rack can that be repaired or does the whole steering rack have to be changed?
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What is the possible problem if power steering is good when turning left but hard when turning right?

A common reason for this to happen with front wheel drive vehicles, is the steering rack is going bad. Cold weather will aggravate it even more.This is more of an annoyance than a safety issue. Mark This is most likely caused due to a problem in your spool valve on the steering rack. It can be repaired but I'm not sure if it's legal to do so in your country - you'll probably have to replace the rack. Plain and simple ---the valve body of the steering gear is shot replace the steering box or rack as the case may be

Can a defective bicuspid aortic valve of the heart be repaired?

Yes, a bicuspid aortic valve can be repaired if it is diseased. The procedure usually involves a small incision and the valve will either be repaired, or more often, replaced with a synthetic valve.

What is a hydraulic detent valve?

A spring device which maintains the spool of a directional control valve in position.

Is the ion xe spool or poppet valve?

Spool. you can tell easily between spool and poppet, because a poppet valve has a visible bolt with a cocking lever on in, whereas spools have no external bolt. Look ate the planet eclipese EGO and the GEO and you will see what i mean.

Does a pneumatic spool valve require lubrication?

A pneumatic spool valve usually has two sets of atleast one but possibly more rubber o-rings which does indeed need lubrication to function properly.

What is a pneumatic solenoid operated spool valve?

spool valveA spool valve is a multidirectional hydraulic or pneumatic valve usually operated by a joystick. It has several hoses attached to it leading to different pneumatic rams. When the joystick is pushed in one direction, it causes the valve to shut off one of the pneumatic hoses leading to the ram and open the other. Which way the joystick is pushed moves the piston in the ram in or out. Since you specified a solenoid operated valve it is operated not by a joystick that is directly connected to the valve but rather an electric joystick like the you would use in a video game and an electrical signal is sent to activate a solenoid that does the same thing but can be much farther away from the operator. Solenoid Actuated Pneumatic Spool ValveA solenoid actuated pneumatic spool valve is a spool valve actuated by an electric solenoid. They are often used in industrial automation and are usually controlled by a PC or a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) rather than a manual switch. To reduce the size and power consumption of the solenoid, often the solenoid does not directly actuate the spool. Instead, the solenoid actuates a small internal valve which directs upstream air pressure to move the spool. This is called an air piloted solenoid actuated pneumatic spool valve. The air pilot mechanism typically requires about 40 PSI to operate reliably. If the air pressure upstream of the valve is going to be less than 40 PSI, the valve must be externally piloted, meaning that the pilot is connected to a separate air source which is above 40 PSI.

Arms wont lift up or down on Bobcat 873?

this can be caused by a number of things * low oil level *damaged hydraulic pump *sticking or spool valve *worn valve body *damaged anticavity solenoid valve *damaged lift spool lock solenoid

Where is the power steering bleed valve located at on a 2007 Chevrolet Impala?

It doesn't have a bleed valve for the power steering.

What does a modulator spool in a transmission?

If you are asking the function of a modulater valve,it is to smooth out the shifts in an automatic transmission.

How long can you drive before getting your egr valve repaired on 1999 Acura CL?

How long can you drive before getting your egr valve repaired on 1999 acura cl?

Your 1999 Mercury sable will not shift into overdrive on the highway what could be causing this?


Why would the power steering work good on left turns but not on right turns?

If a rack could be air in system Could be steering rack going bad losing pressure What type of unit is this? I have a masey tractor that gets out of adjustment and will turn beter one way. but if it is a car i would look for an obstruction,or linkage that is bound. == What vehicle is this in? On some older British and American cars, they had adjustable spool valves which had to be centralized or this problem would arise. If it is a newer vehicle, it sounds as though you still have a problem with the spool valve in the steering rack. Could be a broken teflon ring, blocked ports in the valve (they are tiny).

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