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There is no requirement to make a new will. A good will should take into account the fact that the spouse may pre-decease the testator. If they don't have a new will, the part of the will that deals with leaving things to the spouse are ignored and the rest of the will is followed.

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When your spouse dies does the surviving spouse get the estate even if there is a will?

In most states, the surviving spouse can "take against the will" if the estate is of a certain size or if no provision is made for the survivor. There is often a limit to the time the survivor can use the real estate or the amount that can be claimed.

What happens to bank accounts after a spouse dies in Georgia?

Funds are transferred to the surviving spouse

When one spouse dies what happens to jointly owned property?

The surviving spouse becomes the sole owner.

What happens if you are not on title and your spouse dies?

In most cases the spouse has a right in the property, even if they are not on the deed. If there is no will, the spouse typically inherits the property.

What happens to property of a non resident who dies without a will who is estranged from spouse.?

It passes to the decedent's heirs, the spouse of which will be one.

In Florida if your husband dies what happens to your property?

If the deed is in JOINT ownership, the survivor gets it automatically. If there is a will, the property goes to whomever it is willed to. If there is no will, the laws of intestacy apply, giving the spouse a share and surviving children a share.

What happens in Alabama If a spouse dies without a will and there are three children and a surviving spouse and there are assets?

the surviving spouse receives an equal portion as each child.

If your ex spouse has a lien on a home you own jointly and he dies does the survivor owe the lien to the estate?

Yes because there is no one else to take the home.

What sacraments can not be repeated?

Baptism,Confirmation,Matrimony and the Holy order are the sacraments that can't be repeated.Correction:Marriage can be repeated if a spouse dies and the survivor remarries.

What is the percentage of a spouse dying after another spouse dies?

100% everyone dies.

When the surviving spouse obtains ownership as surviving tenant by the entirety what happens to the property upon their death?

When a tenant by the entirety dies the survivor becomes the sole owner of the property. When they die it passes according to their will or to their heirs-at-law under the state laws of intestacy.

What happens when a spouse dies in middle of divorce and there are temporary custody orders?

The child go to the other parent.

What happens to a car if someone dies?

what happens to paided off car if spouse dies

In Georgia what happens when a spouse dies without a will?

The estate will be conducted under the laws of intestacy for Georgia. Essentially the spouse will get the majority of the estate once the debts are resolved.

What happens if a spouse dies in TX and there is a will but nothing specific listed as to oil leases that were received when previous spouse died?

There will be a section of the will that discusses the remainder. That will apply to the leases.

can the spouse live in the home after the spouse dies under a reverse mortgage?

Yes Watson. But the real question is: can the spouse spouse the home after the reverse mortgage dies live?

What happens if a spouse dies and the survivor was not aware of credit card debt and the credit card companies say the accounts were joint?

If you were listed on the account, you probably don't have to be aware of the debt. You are well within your rights to ask them for a copy of the agreement and application showing your name and signature.

If spouse dies does the widow still have in laws?

If child dies, does his spouse have any legal claim with in-laws home?

What should you do when the legally separated spouse dies?

Marry your backup spouse

When the spouse dies how do you get remarried on virtual families?

Well, when a spouse dies, you CAN get remarried, how? You just have to wait wait for the email to come with the propsal.

If a spouse dies in Texas what happens to oil leases?

The leases are assets of the estate. They will go with the property as the will directs or the law of intestacy will apply.

Who is actually the owner on a survivorship warranty deed?

The grantees in the deed are the actual owners. If one dies their interest in the property is automatically passed to the survivor.The grantees in the deed are the actual owners. If one dies their interest in the property is automatically passed to the survivor.The grantees in the deed are the actual owners. If one dies their interest in the property is automatically passed to the survivor.The grantees in the deed are the actual owners. If one dies their interest in the property is automatically passed to the survivor.

Spouse debt responsability when spouse dies?

Typically, any debts accrued by a husband/wife who dies, are to be settled by the estate. Since this normally passes on to the surviving spouse, any debts must be settled by the surviving spouse.

If your spouse dies what happens to the house in Michigan?

Normally the spouse inherits the house. By law in Michigan a married couple should own the property as Tenants by the Entirety, which means that it transfers upon the death of the other spouse. Check the deed to insure that is so.

If a spouse dies in Texas with no insurance what happens to vehicle?

Wether it has insurance or not is a moot point. The vehicle is generally part of the estate and is inherited by someone.

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