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The driver is the one that would be charged if they were the cause of the accident. Anyone else in the car is not implicated. Marcy * If the question refers to financial liability such as both spouses being subject to lawsuit, then yes it is possible. If the married couple reside in a community property state, all assets are considered equally owned. Therefore if the spouse who was At Fault in regards to an accident is sued, all property that is jointly owned is subject to attachment if the plaintiff prevails. In states which are not considered CP joint marital property can be attached to the extent of the percentage owned by the defendant spouse. In some states a personal injury judgment can be adjudicated under different legal guidelines. In almost any case, in any state that does not allow marital property to be held as TBE a spouse not named as a defendant in a suit of any type can suffer the consequences.

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Q: If a spouse is in an auto accident where the other party was hurt is the other spouse liable as well?
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Who is liable for an accidental apartment fire?

If the accident was caused by the negligence of any party, then they are liable.

Is the company liable if an employee was asked to take another employee to the hospital and has an accident during the trip?

In General No, The party that caused the accident is liable. However, If You were driving a company provided vehicle a the time of the accident, then the company may have some secondary financial liability depending on the circumstances of the accident.

When in an accident and not at fault. Can the other party get away with not paying a claim saying it was caused by a medical condition?

NO, If they were at fault then they were at fault and are liable for the damages and injuries they caused. If a medical condition was a contributory cause of the accident, that has no effect on their legal liability.

Who is liable if a minor gets into an accident?

If it is your fault, it is the owner of the vehicle's fault, but it's really your parents' responsibility to decide if your to take responsibility for it. However, if it is not your fault it is the at fault party who is liable.

In Florida is the surviving spouse responsible for medical bills?

Is your name on the bills? If you did not sign anything to be liable for the bills, then you are not responsible. Only the party that enter into the contract is liable for the debt. This means if your spouse is the only one named on the bills that you do not have to pay. A collection agency may tell you that you are liable even if you are not. Learn your rights under the FDCPA.

Is a spouse financially or legally responsible for debt of other spouse?

I divorced my husband and had the credit card debt negotiated so that he was the responsible party for paying the debt. He does not pay on the debt therefore I found out that I am liable for the debt because the card was opened in both names.

If a party flees the scene of an accident how will this affect determination of liability if after being found he claims the other party was at fault?

Certaily fleeing the scene of an accident is both against the law, and hurts his credibility, but what exactly are the facts of loss? Was he at fault? Just because he fled doesn't necessarily mean he was liable for the accident. If you could provide more details surrounding the facts of the accident I could be of greater assistance to you.

Who is liable when you fail to stop at a stop sign but the other driver was speeding?

Well let's look at this from a logical standpoint. Did you cause the accident by running a stop sign or did the other party cause it because they were speeding? If you had not run the stop sign would the accident have happened in the first place? The answer is obvious. You caused the accident by running the stop sign. If you had stopped as you should have, there would never have been an accident. Now the judge may access some blame to the other driver if it can be proven they were speeding, but the real cause of the accident was you not stopping.

How long after a minor accident does the other party have to claim before?

You have 1 Year after a minor accident to have a claim

Car accident and neither have insurance?

The at fault party is still liable to pay the damages. Added: Both parties will probably be cited for driving without insurance as well.

If you are involved in an accident and have auto liability insurance and the other driver does not what are your rights?

Liability insurance for drivers is a requirement in the state of Mississippi. The other party involved in this accident does not have insurance. I do have liability insurance. The accident was not reported although law enforcement was called and an accident report was completed. The other party now wants me to fix her automobile. What are my rights in this situation?

If someone dies from alcohol poisoning after leaving your party are you liable?

You could be liable yes.

If there is an accident and neither party has insurance and the police weren't called is one party liable for damages?

I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure neither party is liable. Think about it, neither of you had insurance, and neither called the police(coincidence? I think not.) hang it up, it's not gonna happen. No, without an official investigation, there is nobody to determine fault. You may THINK the other person is at fault, but unless he/she is willing to voluntarily pay for your damages, you're just out of luck.

Does medical provider have to have a copy of subrogation letter before filing on insurance?

No, if they have information of a third or first party carrier who is liable for accident related costs, they can make a claim directly to that carrier.

Is liable a noun?

No, the word 'liable' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.Example: A good lawyer can help us track down the liable party.The adjective 'liable' describes the noun 'party'.A noun is a word for a person, a place, a thing.The noun related to the adjective 'liable' is liability, a word for a thing.

What is a sentence with the word decree?

We will then enforce the party decree against the party liable.

Who is liable in Illinois if you are in an accident with a minor driving someone else's car and you can't find the owner who is not insured?

Make a claim under your own policy for uninsured and underinsured motorists. Call your own agent ASAP - do not deal with the other party as there is too much baggage there.

Who is liable for medical treatment cost when the accident was not your fault and 3rd party have admitted liabillity?

The at fault driver's auto insurance company will pay for your medical treatment out of their Bodily injury liability coverage.

What is a disadvantage of a joint account?

The disadvantages of having a joint account areEither party can operate the account without the knowledge of the other partyThe bank cannot be liable to entertain claims when one party withdraws money without the knowledge of the other

What happens in a car accident if both cars involved do not have insurance and the car at fault was drunk driving?

If neither vehicle was insured you will have to sue the other party in order to collect any damages. Drunk driving is a contributing factor but really whichever party is at fault for any reason will be liable to the other party. The bad news is that if the person did not have insurance the probably don't have assets to pay the damages. This is why you need insurance and uninsured motorists coverage.

In Colorado can your spouse be held responsible for credit card debt incurred during the marriage that is in your name only?

It is pretty much assumed if one party of a marriage is benefitting that both parties are benefitting. So if one spouse is buying a lot of things on credit, it is pretty much a given that they are both going to be using them. Which means that, yes, the spouse can be held liable.

What can a cosigner do when the car was involved in an accident and he was not the driver?

I've seen enough 'Judge Judy' episodes to almost recite her exactly... Anyone who cosigns for something - is equally liable for any costs. Although they were not responsible for the actual accident - the other party can sue each cosigner for the cost of repairing the damages.The cosigner who was not driving - would then have to sue the driver to recover their money.

Can you sue a spouse for cheating in Michigan?

Sue for divorce, yes. Sue the other party for alienation of affection.

If a man and woman are married but separated and the husband hasn't paid taxes for 3 years will the wife be responsible for owed taxes?

You need to file a Injured spouse form. This would be done by the party who belives they are not liable.

Can you tell the conversation between a cyclist and a motorist for the accident of their vehicles?

If you and your vehicle are in an accident, be sure to exchange phone numbers and addresses, as well as insurance, with the other party involved in the accident. Also, be sure that the police are notified of the accident.