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You'll need to read the policy to see if it's covered. You can get coverage for anything but it usually needs to be spelled out specifically in the terms of the policy. Anything not specifically covered is usually NOT covered.

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Q: If a swimming pool was unknowingly installed on top of buried tree stumps and a sink hole was created causing the pool to crack and cave would this be covered by homeowners insurance?
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Does homeowners insurance coverage damage to swimming pool liner from the chemicals added?

You can probably cound on no coverage due to neglect or incompetency.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to an in- ground swimming pool caused by excess ground water?

Truly depends on your insurer and what plan you have. But it should.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to an in ground swimming pool caused by water pressure to the exterior walls of the pool?

No. This sounds like a manufacturer or maintenance issue. Something is wrong with the pool itself or with the way it was installed as the earth behind pool walls has washed away making it loose support and fail. For a homeowners policy to pay for damages the damage must be the fault of a covered cause. I can't see how the damage you are describing could be from a coverer cause. Homeowners insurance is not made to cover maintenance issues or manufacturer defects. First I would contact whoever installed the pool. If it has been past the warranty period I would check with a professional to see what the cause of the damage is first.

Can you get swimming pool insurance?

There is no "swimming pool" insurance. There are however riders available from some insurance companies that can be added to your homeowner's policy.

Will homeowners insurance pay for damage to an above ground swimming pool?

Depends on HOW the damage occurred. Your above ground pool is normally covered as 'personal property' under your homeowners policy for the listed perils. See Coverage C- Personal Property for the list of covered losses.

What is the depth of most pools installed?

Well the average depth of a home installed swimming pool is about 6 ft

Can my homeowners insurance company drop my policy if i have a slide on my swimming pool in the state of fl.?

It just depends on the insurance company underwriting guidelines. Some companies will not accept pool risks with a slide, some will not accept diving boards. If it is determined that your risk does not qualify for coverage under the guidelines then they can cancel your policy.

What kinds of cheap swimming pools are available?

The kinds of cheap swimming pools that are available are the rubber swimming pools that kids can play in. The ones that have to be installed in backyards are expensive.

Will home owners insurance cover above ground swimming pool damage?

Homeowners policies are not all the same; you can include an above ground swimming pool in such a policy, but the policy will have to state that this coverage is included. Normally, a home owners policy only covers things that are inside the home, not things that are in the back yard. Read your policy, it will tell you what is covered. Or if you don't have a policy, you can get any kind of insurance you like - but everything you insure will add to the cost of your monthly premium.

Why does the water in your swimming pool feel greasy?

High chlorine levels or a salt system installed at location.

Does a subdivision without common areas need liability insurance and why?

I don't see any need for liability insurance in the case you described. In cases where you have a homeowners association or a condo owners association and they own common property such as a swimming pool, parks, roofs, sidewalks, etc. then they would have a need for both property and liability insurnance to cover these areas. This is what you dues are in place to pay for as well as maintenance.

Is swimming pool vandalism caused by someone sliting it with a knife covered by insurance?

The damaged pool should be covered by home owners insurance if you had the pool added to the insurance for coverage

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