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If a toenail falls off does another one grow back?

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yes another one grows back within 2 weeks or so

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If you Kick a rock and your toenail falls off will it grow back ok this i gonna sound icky but i kicked a rock and my toenail came clean off and im worried another Toenail wont grow back in its place?

It should do...unless you're a zombie.

If a toenail falls off twice will it still grow back the second time?

Yes, It will grow back.

If a toenail falls of and it doesn't hurt will it grow back?

Yes, it will grow back. It is called Regenerationand not use cells make it grow back. Regenration is use with nails and hair. So yes it will grow back.

Will a toenail grow if it falls twice?

Yes, a toe nail can grow back if it falls off twice, but it depends on the damage done to the nail bed. It make take longer to grow back after falling off twice.

How long does you take for a surgically removed toenail to grow back?

It could take a couple months for it to grow back. There is also the possibility that because of the surgery, the toenail may never grow back.

So I have a badly ingrown toenail gross I know and the doctors said that I have no option other than to remove the whole of my toenail Will it grow back over time?

The toenail will grow back over time to a more functional usage.

Why do your toenails fall off and another nail is underneath?

Your toenail falls off from trauma, it should not just fall off randomly. Your nails are always growing and will grow back as long as the nail bed and matrix is healthy.

Can toenails grow back on dogs?

If the entire nail bed was removed, it is highly unlikely that the toenail will grow back.

How long does it take for a big toenail to grow back?

If your big toenail has completely fallen off, it can take somewhere between 6 months and 18 months, till it will completely grow back.

What to do if your toenail falls off?

If you hit your nail and it falls off that is perfectly normal. It even happened to me. All you need to do is keep a bandaid on it to keep out bacteria, and a couple weeks a new nail will grow back. put a bandage on.

Why do dogs toenail grow longer in the front then in the back?

because they can eat better

What makes a toenail fall off?

If you drop something heavy on your toenail, it will kill the nailbed and it will fall off. Usually will grow back eventually.

How long will it take for your big toenail to grow back?

it will grow back a millimeter a month if its supposed to grow back mine was infected and it grew back at that rate also that s how long the doctor said it would take.

What medical treat for a toenail that fell off?

I think you just wrap it and wait for it to grow back.

Does a rabbit's toenail grow back?

Clipped and/or torn nails will grow back, however, nails that are pulled out at the vets will probably not grow back. However No worries if this occurs just see your local vet Thankyou

What can possibly grow when your tooth falls?

Another Tooth will grow when it falls out unless you did not get all your adult teeth.

What do you do to protect the nailbed if a toenail does not grow back?

In order to protect your toenail, you should:Soak it in epsom salt,Put a bandage around it to prevent dirt or germs from infecting it,Wear shoes at all times.Your toenail will eventually grow back, but you need to keep taking care of it so it won't get infected, because that will prohibit growth of the new nail.

What do do if your toenail is about to fall off?

Cut it off or wait for it to fall of. It'll grow back. See a doctor.

How can you get a damaged toenail to grow back?

Get some antibiotics and that should clear it right up.Also give it time.

If a lizards tail falls of will the tail grow into another lizard?

no but the lizard will grow another tail.

When a green iguanas tail falls off does it grow back?

Yes, the tail does grow back.

What do you do if your rabbits nail falls off?

It depends on the age. If it is really young it might or might not grow back.. If it is older it might, but if you were showing it before, and it has a toenail missing, then that rabbit might be eliminated because of it if there is a large amount of rabbits.

If a toenail is removed due to infection will it grow back?

Yes. the nail may be deformed when it grows back. On average it will take 1 year for a great toenail to return to normal length. Several months, at the bare minimum.

How do you cut an ingrown toenail?

take a needle go right into the the part of the toenail by the skin, lift the toenail up with the needle and take the nail clippers and cut it back. or in the front of your toenail right in the middle, cut a v shaped figure. the point of the v should be facing up the toenail. this way the toenail will grow toward each other and will prevent ingrown toenails to happen.

Is it normal for a person to have more than one toenail growing on a toe at the same time i lost the toenail a few years back from injuries and it fell off again and there were 2 sets growing?

If a toenail gets damaged, by a shock, or too short a shoe, it can "die" and a new one starts to grow underneath. Eventually the damaged one falls off. That may or may not be your problem. Check with a doctor.