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If a train crashes and no one is there does it make a sound?

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YesIt does due to the mass and sound waves.

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One percent of railroad crossing crashes result from people driving into the side of a train?

One percent of railroad crossing crashes result from people driving into the side of trains while the rest involve the train hitting cars. This is due to the trains inability to stop without considerable advance notice and distance.

How can you make sure no one crashes your house party?

make sure only the people you invited know about it

What if the crashed spaceship on poptropica is gone?

if it crashes go to the owner and he will let you make one

What sound does a leopard gecko make?

They make like a hissing sound, sometimes a chirping one too.

How do you use the word crashes in a sentence?

He looked at her. And than she crashes her car into another!

What animal make the toot sound?

There are all kinds of animals that make the toot sound. Humans for example are one animal that makes that sound.

How common are motorbike crashes?

Motorbike crashes are very common especially on highways in the greater Toronto area. A lot of things can be factors in these crashes - the number one reason for these crashes is alcohol usage and speeding.

If a tree fell in the wild and no one saw it would you it make a sound?

If a tree falls but nobody is around to hear it, the tree will not make a sound. It will make sound waves, but it isn't sound unless somebody is around to transfer the waves into actual sound.

If you clap with one hand will it make a sound?

no.that is not true because, you have to think "well what can I clap on one hand for it to make a sound?" or "is my clapping metaphorical as in silent applause?"there are many answers to this but there wouldn't be a definite "yes" or "no"Well.... No. Clapping is useing both hands and hitting them against eachother to make a sound, you cannot make a sound useing only one hand. Unless you use a object or another hand. There for there is no sound of one hand clapping.

Daytime Multiple vehicle crashes accounts for of all police-reported crashes in the US?

One half

Which episode is the one where drake crashes in a jeep on drake and josh?

He crashes a dune buggy in the episode "Dune Buggy."

Where would one find out about F-16 Crashes in Arizona?

There are many places where one can find out about F-16 Crashes in Arizona. One can find out about F-16 Crashes in Arizona at popular on the web sources such as AZ Central and US News.

Does someone or something have to hear a sound for that something to have made a sound Example if a tree falls when no one is present to hear it does it make a sound?

No. It is an old riddle. And yes, a tree does make a sound when it falls.

What sound does an ant make?

If an ants are able to make sounds, one of those sounds is hissing. It makes this sound using its abdomen.

Can a tree make a sound if it falls and no one heres it?

no because a sound wave needs three things: 1. vibrations (the tree falling) 2. matter (air around it) 3. receiver (someone to hear it) without one of these there is no sound since there is no one (aka a receiver) it does not make a sound

What is the single largest contributor to car crashes?

The overall number one leading reason for crashes, is the failure to recognize a risk.

How many syllable are in porch?

Porch only has one syllable. The -ch sound can make it sound like two but it isn't.

If a tree falls in a forest, but there is no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Yes. Even though no one is there, if the tree doesn't find something to "Dampen" it's fall, it will make a loud sound... -Have a nice Day! --Theoretically: Yes, Hypothetically: No

What sound does the bus make when some one drive it?


What is the definition of diagraph?

two vowels that make one sound.

What sound does a lawnmower make?

Try turning one on and listening.

What two or one lettered sound does a horse make?


What is a ribbit?

It is a sound that frogs make when communicating with one another.

What is the definition of advising?

To guide one to Make sound judgemnt

How many ways can you get objects to make sound?

Only one way: you make them vibrate.