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On public roadways, no. The farm tag doesn't change the legal driving age.

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Q: If a truck is farm taged can a 14 year old drive it legaly?
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How old do you have to be to drive a farm truck?

at lest 11 but it has to be leag farm truck and need to say on truck

Can you drive a farm truck with a permit?

Laws on this vary by jurisdiction.

Can you drive a farm dump truck without a cdl in WA state?

Can I drive a farm dumptruck without a cdl in Washington State

Can you drive a farm truck to school?

I don't think there is a law against it--as long as both you and the truck are licensed.

Do you have to be 18 to drive in the UK?

16 for a farm tractor, 17 for a car and 21 for a lorry or truck (same thing)

Does a person have to have a cdl to drive a farm truck?

If it's a registered farm vehicle, and operated by the farmer, family members of the farmer, or direct employees of the farmer, then no. However, the distance from the farm the vehicle is permitted to operate is restricted, all activities of that truck must be for the operation of that farm, and it may not haul freight for hire.

Do you have to have a valid drivers license to drive farm truck in the state of Missouri?

If you're going to be operating it on public roadways, then yes.

How do you apply for a farm use truck?

to apply for farm truck use you must have a farm any tag agent can tell you what minimum requirements are

Do you need a CDL license to drive a 33000 truck?

Yes, unless you fit the criteria to fall under the farm truck, recreational vehicle, military vehicle, or emergency vehicle exemptions.

Can you drive a tractor at age 14 on a field?

In most US states, you can drive on private property (with permission of course) without a license at any age. In many states, they have a "farm license" that will allow someone as young as 14 to drive a farm vehicle (can include a pickup truck) on the road legally, but with restrictions.

Do you need a cdl to drive farm grain semi 18 wheeler?

If the truck is being operated on a for-profit basis by a third party carrier, yes.

Type of farm which grows fresh produce for immediate consumption?

This type of farm is called a Truck Farm

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