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Usually. Males under the age of 25 are usually abused by the insurance industry more than anyone else. TommyTrouble

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Q: If a twenty year old male driver in California receives a speeding ticket for 58 in a 45 but no other tickets in the last three years will his insurance be raised considerably?
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Does a speeding ticket in Illinois effect your insurance rate if you move to California?


Will a speeding ticket in California affect your insurance rates in Connecticut?

All driving infractions affect your insurance. Drive safely!

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in a rental car with no renters insurance?

The speeding ticket is a separate issue. If you don't have insurance you get done for driving without insurance, speeding or not.

Will your insurance company in California find out about a speeding ticket in Canada?

Yes.. if they pull a Cananda MVR report.

Who receives more speeding tickets?


How long will a speeding ticket stay on your record in California?

In most states it is 39 months. It will also affect your insurance rates.

If you get a speeding ticket with no points does it affect insurance rates?

If you get your first speeding ticket with no points does your insurance go up?

Does California report speeding tickets to other states?

What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Florida and live in California and don't pay the ticket?

If I am from Florida but got a speeding ticket in CA, can I go to Traffic School to remove the points from my insurance? I plan on paying the ticket.

How long do speeding points affect your insurance premiums?

Speeding tickets affect your insurance rates for at least 3 years in most states.

If you have a learners permit in California can you get a speeding ticket?

You can get a speeding ticket regardless of what license you have; that doesn't change the fact you were speeding.

How much are cdl truck driver violation tickets in California?

A cdl truck driver that receives a speeding ticket has more to worry about than just the fine. A serious CDL violation such as a 25 over speeding ticket can cost you your job not to mention the increase in your personal car insurance. In general a cdl truck driver should contest any California speeding ticket he receives. Normally you will receive what is known as a courtesy notice from the California traffic court within two to three weeks of the violation. It will tell you how much is the fine. California has some of the highest speeding ticket fines in the nation. The fine can vary from county to county so only the California traffic court can tell you the amount. You must take care of the ticket by your court date even if you do not receive the courtesy notice or they will usually suspend your license and issue a warrant. The traffic court location is on the ticket and you can Google for their phone number. Usually it is difficult to get through on the phone.

How can a speeding ticket affect your monthly car insurance rate?

A speeding ticket can have a large impact on someone's monthly car insurance rate. This is because the rate increases because speeding is associated with reckless driving.

What options are available to avoid insurance hikes or license points after receiving a speeding ticket in Michigan?

none, you can try to fight the ticket but if you were speeding you'll lose, you will receive points for a speeding ticket, as for insurance, it will probably go up a little if you insurance co finds out.

What would make your auto insurance go up?

If you get into an accident or get a speeding ticket your insurance will go up. I'm not sure about other traffic violations but speeding will.

Will your car insurance go up if speeding in a school zone?

will my car insurance go up because I received a speeding ticket intermediate in a scool zone?

What is the price range for speeding tickets in California?

$70 to $300 for non-aggravated speeding.

Do speeding tickets have any impact on insurance rates?

Yes, a speeding ticket will affect your insurance rate. The good news is each insurance company has different rates. It depends on how many speeding tickets you have had, or if this is the first one. If you have a speeding ticket you may want to look into traffic school to wipe it off your record and keep your rates unaffected.

Can a minor in California go to jail for failing to pay speeding tickets?

Yes. And your parent's insurance will go sky-high . But the bench warrant will be issued for YOUR arrest.

What are the requirements for car insurance for bad drivers in California?

Bad Driver Car Insurance, not something to be proud of, but at Save-On Insurance we understand that not everybody in Southern California is a great driver. Car insurance companies today have no worries about having you labeled as a bad driver. All it takes with some insurance companies is one simple speeding ticket to be considered a bad driver, along with your insurance rate rising through the roof. Here at Save-On Insurance.

What happens if you get two speeding tickets in one day?

If one driver receives more than one citation in a very short time, it is likely there will be consequences. Insurance rates will probably rise significantly.

What effect do speeding tickets have on auto insurance rates?

Speeding tickets have negative effects on auto insurance rates. If your insurance company learns that you frequently get speeding tickets, they will label you as someone more likely to be in an accident. This again means that they may charge you more for the insurance, and give out less in case of an accident. Or they may plainly not want to insure you.

If you had adjudication withheld for a speeding ticket will your insurance rates be affected?

I've had three "ADJUDICATION WITHHELD"s for speeding in the last 14 months and my insurance rates have not been effected.

Do Texas speeding tickets affect you in California?

Yes they do, Texas reports to California

Does a speeding ticket affect insurance rates?

Generally YES.