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No, they do not become a citizen by virtue of marriage.

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If an American citizen gives birth in Jamaica is the child considered an American or Jamaican citizen and will the child be able to go to America without paperwork

Why is it important for citizens of the US to be informed about issues and about their political leaders

What has made voters more informed

What method did political parties first use to nominate presidential candidates

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Q: If a us citizen marries a non us citizien do they become a citizen?
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If a non citizen goes to the us and marries a citizen how does the citizen file the papers for the non citizen to become a citizen?

look in a social studies book 4 cryin out loud

If non-citizen living in USA marries USA citizen is he then USA citizen?


If a US citizen marries a non-US citizen for money to establish residency what kind of penalties can the non-citizen face?

Fines and deportation.

How long it take to get a green card when non-citizen marries a us citizen?

six month

If a female US citizen marries a non US citizen in the state of Michigan are they legally married?

Marriage is a wonderful event. Yes, if a female US citizen legally marries a non US citizen in the state of Michigan, they are indeed legally married.

If a Greek national marries an American citizen is he automaticaly a U S citizen?

The answer is no. But the children born from this marriage will automatically become US citizens. The spouse of US citizen will be eligible to become US citizen after he/she (the non-US citizen) stay in US for a minimum of 3 years as a Permanent Resident.

Why can't a non-us citizen become citizen?

A non-citzen can become a citizen in the US if they follow the proper procedures.

If a US citizen fathers a child with a non citizen does the non citizen become a citizen?

No, just the child.

If a US citizen marries a non US citizen for money to establish residency what kind of penalties are waiting for the US citizen if caught?

Jail for the citizen, deportation for the illegal alien.

How does a non citizen become a citizen?

You have to go through the process.

If a non citizen marries US citizen who now is on conditional green card is being rejected by her husband for no reasons specified what would be the fate of that woman?

U.S citizen

If a non-US citizen marries a US citizen while in a foreign country can the non-US citizen work and live in the US?

The non-US citizen spouse must obtain a visa before entry and is subject to immigration requirements. (Marriage doesn't convey citizenship, but helps).

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