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Alternator needs replacing.

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Q: If a vehicle idles up and down and the lights dim with the idle and when it is in gear the battery light comes on would that be an alternator problem?
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Why does check engine light come on and battery gauge go down in 1993 town and country minivan but problem goes away after a jump start?

The battery is basicly used just to start your vehicle, the alternator is what generates your power once the vehicle is running. Which indicates you need a new battery, not an alternator. That is why you problem goes away after a jump start(boost). If it was the alternator the problem would not go away and your vehicle would have no lights and stall with no start. Either your battery is bad or the alternator is not charging.

Why does Rodeo die when lights on?

Have you had your alternator or battery checked lately? The vehicle could not be charging enough to handle the electrical load

Why do your lights dim when your RPM decreases?

Because the voltage drops. Depending on what is the problem changing the battery or alternator will help.

What are the signs of a bad alternator in a Ford Expedtion?

A bad alternator will not give proper power to the vehicle. Dim lights, buzz in the stereo or a dead battery could all be causes of a bad alternator.

What are the symptoms of car alternator problems?

Symptoms: Besides having a dead battery.......... If you charge or jumpstart your vehice's battery and successfully get it running to only have it mysteriously die and have no lights, radio, etc.; it is probably you alternator. If your vehicle will run constantly on it's own, but will not start after shutting it off, it could be your battery. If your battery will hold a charge on it's own, but goes dead a while after you start and run your vehicle, it is probably your alternator. Or, if you can get it running, it should have an alternator light that will come on when there is a problem. I would almost bet your car has one... my 1970 ford does.

Why does the check engine light come on and the alternator gauge jump up and down when the air or lights are on?

More then likely your alternator is bad...But it also depends on what year your vehicle is as well...if its older then it could be the regulator...this tells the alternator how much juice the battery needs...So if your battery is not fully charged then when you hit the lights they will dim and get bright...Best bet..change both battery and alternator..

How do you tell if it's the battery or alternator going bad?

A clear sign is if your vehicle wont start without a boost, but fires up fine when boosted. Also dimming lights when vehicle is shut off or running, all signs you alternator is not charging your battery.

2000 cavalier wont start and dash lights not coming on?

If the 2000 Cavalier has no lights an will not start, there is an electrical issue. Check the battery, alternator, and the wiring from the battery all the way to the starter to find the problem.

Why does the battery keep dying and the 3.0 engine on a 1997 Ford Aerostar have poor performance?

It sounds like you simply need to change the alternator. Easy test: if vehicle will start, carefully remove the ground/negative cable from the battery (may help to llosen slightly beforehand). If vehicle runs, turn on lights; if it still runs, the alternator is fine. All vehicles should run on alternator only. If the vehicle sputters and dies, the alternator is dead. Replace alternator, and VERY IMPORTANT, fully charge battery before engaging alternator. A weak battery can damage a new alternator causing alternator death.

Why is it when you turn your wiper's your radio dies and the lights go dim?

Charge your battery!It also sounds like you might have an alternator problem.

If my altanator goes out what will a car do?

If your alternator stops working you are powering the vehicle on your battery and your battery is not being charged by your faulty alternator so eventually as the battery drains down the car will stop running. Avoid using any electrical, power windows ect and get your alternator repaired immediatley.

1998 Chevrolet Cavalier Daytime Running Lights troubleshooting.?

my 05' cavalier has a bad alternator problem its charging the battery a little bit then stops and the little power my battery has is drained by the end of the night. I replaced the alternator twice and the battery but still no difference.

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