If a woman gets divorced and takes the four kids and she is very attractive and quite young will guys date her?


I'm crazy about a woman with three young children. When I first met her, I was reluctant to become involved, because of the young ages of the children; 4, 7, & 8. However, the better I got to know her (we were friends for 4 months) the more I realized that if I wanted to be with her, I had to be with the kids also. It's complicated, because I also have three children, and we all live in the same town. Will it work? Time will tell, but I want it to.

It depends on the guy.

I would, if there was the right chemistry between us - all of us. The woman is both an individual AND a member of a team of 5. The new guy needs to see both aspects and be comfortable with both. I dated a woman with pre-teen children who refused to meet mine or let me meet hers. This meant that I could only come to her house when her kids were with Dad. This was completely wrong. The children shouldn't be at the first couple of dates but they must know what's going on and have a voice.

Of Course!

It all depends on how you will deal with it.

First, make sure that you are prepared to start dating again - and also, if your kids are ready to face this new phase - it is always harder on them then on us.

Usually guys who are mature (not on age, but on mind) will face the situation normally. But I must warn you - you will suffer a little prejudice by some guyus who do not date "women with children" - and unfortunatelly this happens anywhere. But odn´t worry - there is always someone for us out there who will fit on our lifestyle. Just don't rush right into it too fast - think. And think again. Then, be happy.


Of course. Why wouldn't they? If a man will not date you due to the fact you have 4 children, then is he really worth having someone as great as you? You should worry about finding someone to make you happy and someone who can make your children happy as well, as they should come first.

Another answer:

Women probably don't want to hear the 'obvious', but if she's willing and wanting to go to bed with other (new) men, then yes absolutely. Men think with that "other" thing most of the time (trust me I'm a guy answering this part); so in some cases if she just want to have a physical "good time" then they'll be lining up. And, in the course of doing so, she may then get a chance to find one that is gentle and caring, and likes kids - that's the one she wants to hang on to.


Some guys would and some guys wont, some guys will accept the fact that you got kids and some wont. But remember that your kids come first. I am 17 and my parents got divorced and they both remarried. THey didnt ask how i felt about everything and i am struggling knowing my parents will never get back together. yeah its been 8 years but i still wish they could get back together. so kids come first but yes guys will and guys wont.. so find the one that will respect you and your kids and love your kids and you as well