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Yes, if it's Group Insurance and she gets added to the policy within 30 days.

For more info see www.steveshorr.com/maternity.htm

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If a married couple have medical insurance through each one's employer who's insurance pays the doctor bills first?

I have been a medical biller for over 10 years. It is always whoever is going to the doctor that one's insurance will pay. So, the husband goes to the doctor it is his insurance that would be the primary insurance and the wife's insurance could then be billed for the balance, i.e. copay, deductible, etc.

How much is a doctor visit with insurance?

It really depends on the doctor, the insurance coverage, your deductable, your insurance provider, and the reason and result of your doctor visit.

Does your primary doctor perform the physical for life insurance?

It can be your primary doctor or a doctor that the life insurance company chooses.

If you are pregnant in Feb and your insurance doesn't start till May and you haven't went to the doctor and no records Is this still be considered a pre-existing medical conditon?

It is possible to get away with it, but you have to keep your mouth shut. When you go to the doctor, you have to present with, "hmmm, i just haven't felt right for a few weeks..." Do not say, "Oh doctor, I think I'm pregnant." I knew someone who got away with this back in the day, but she was only 4 weeks pregnant when her insurance kicked in.

What is a OB Doctor?

Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant. Its an obstertics doctor, which see women who are pregnant.

Can a doctor charge you more for the remainder if the insurance pays what it is worth?

The doctor bills insurance for your office visit. Insurance will pay the doctor their contracted rate and the rest is written off. if you are billed for charges after the insurance paid, call your insurance company.

How do you ask a doctor if you are pregnant?

Say this: Am I pregnant or what?

If you don't get your period one month are you pregnant?

No always but please take a pregnancy test. Go see your doctor if you do not have insurance go to your nearest clinic.

Who is the Doctor married to?

Doctor oz is married to lisa oz and they have four kids!

Pregnant need doctor exam having period?

If you're pregnant, you should always see a doctor for prenatal care. But if you're pregnant and bleeding you should definitely see a doctor.

Can your doctor bill you before submitting a claim to your secondary insurance?

Yes. Your doctor is not required to file to your secondary insurance.

Will a doctor accept what an insurance would pay if the patient has no insurance?

Some do and some do not. You have to check with each individual doctor.

What do you need to know when telling your doctor you are switching insurance?

Ask your doctor if he is part of the new insurance network that you are joining.

Are you covered under your parents health insurance if you are pregnant and a minor?

This will depend on the kind of health insurance your parents have. Some health insurance may cover pregnancy while others do not. You will need to contact your insurance agent and ask them about your family coverage.You should also have a insurance booklet that states what treatments and doctor visits are covered and what is not covered.

If a girl is 16 and pregnant and the boy is 21 where can they go to get married without parental consent?

I know in Maryland, if you are 16 or 17 and are pregnant or already have a child, you can get married without your parents' consent. You just have to get a note from your doctor stating that you are in fact pregnant, or your child's birth certificate. I don;t know where you live, but Good Luck.

Can you choose your doctor if you have Blue Cross Insurance?

You can choose any doctor you would like with blue Cross Insurance. As long as the doctor is registered with the BCBS you will be covered.

Do you have an STD why you can't get pregnant?

Probably not. A doctor will have to check you out on why you can not get pregnant.

What is an obstetrics doctor?

An obstetrician is responsible for the pregnant moms health while pregnant and is usually the doctor delivering the baby

When pregnant will your doctor ask you about previous abortions?

yes, when pregnant your doctor will ask you about abortions, miscarriages, stillbirths, etc.

In Georgia if you are pregnant how old do you have to be to move out?

You must be 18 in order to leave home without parental consent unless you have been emancipated in some manner. Being pregnant/giving birth does *not* emancipate a minor. If you go to the doctor, get a note saying you are pregnant with the doc's signature you can get married, and that will emancipate you. ***NOTE*** You can no longer move out, and/or get married just because you are pregnant. The was a case of a 40-something year old women and a 15 year old male getting pregnant and getting married, after that Georgia revoked this law.

You were wondering if you guys could help you i was given a pt on 27th of June and it came back postive then you went to the doctor and she looked at your insurance and told you nothing was wrong with?

I will help if you clarify your question, what do you mean? If you are asking if you had a positive pregnancy test and if the doctor refused you care because you had no insurance? I strongly doubt the doctor would tell you your not pregnant unless it was true. Doctors may refuse you care if you have no insurance, unfortunately. But I don't think they would be inaccurate. Try a different doctor or a clinic so you don't worry. Joymaker rn

How pregnant do you have to be before telling the doctor?

You have to be at least 2 weeks pregnant.

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