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Before he files WHAT petition? How did you receive the K3 if your husband didn't file and I-130 petition? Please review:

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Q: If a woman married a US citizen can she go to the USA with a K3 visa before her husband files the petition?
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If you entered to us on fake passport can you get green card by married a us citizen?

Maybe, you will need an approved I-601 before the USCIS officer could adjudicade your I-485 ( green card petition)

I married a citizan of London and I am a citizan of the United States of America is my husband now a considered a American citizan?

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Your spouse, as a US citizen, will need to file form I-130 (USCIS) for his stepson. It explicitly states that the marriage must happen before your son's 18th birthday in order to use this form. Otherwise, your son will need to wait until you are a citizen (at least 3 years) before you can petition for him.

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Yes a US citizen can sponsor for parent using the immigrant application Form I-130. Before that US citizen should file for a immigrant petition to prove relation with the alien relative.

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Can a person who came into the US legally on a visitor's visa that is now expired petition for adjustment ot status through her US citizen husband?

Yes, a person who entered the country legally may adjust status from within the US. If the person leaves the country before the process is complete,