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Most likely the valve seals. They allow oil to seep into the cylinder(s) when idling. After you accelerate the oil is burned and the smoke stops being visible. Chrysler 3.0 engines are famous for this, watch some Chrysler mini-vans at the stoplights.

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Q: If after you take off from sitting at a light you get smoke from the exhaust but it goes away could this be the valve?
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Why does your truck have black smoke coming from the exhaust?

Could be a diesel? If not then replace your oxygen sensor on your exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor causes the exhaust smoke to be dark in color.

What is The reaction of automobile exhaust and ultraviolet light?

The two combine to produce smoke.

Is the injector causing black smoke from the exhaust?

It could, if it's leaking.

What is worst for you tobacco smoke or exhaust smoke?

what is the worst for your health breathing in tobacco smoke or exhaust fumes

Why do your Accent smoke when you step on the gas after sitting at a light?

Bad valve guides or seals

What is black smoke from exhaust?

emissions and exhaust

What could be the problem when white smoke comes out of the exhaust?

It depends on how bad the smoke is. If the vehicle doesn't run, it could be a blown head gasket or a cracked head.

Will a bad valve cover gasket cause smoke from exhaust?

No, it will not cause smoke from the exhaust pipe. However the leaking oil can drip on the exhaust manifold where it will be burnt and smoke.

My Audi A6 Estate is smoking from the exhaust and I noticed this morning oil dripping from the exhaust pipe when you started the car what could this be?

you could be leaking engine oil onto the exhaust or it could just be rusty water that is evaporating and causing the smoke.

What would cause the car to smoke after driving it up onto a curb?

If you nicked the oil pan it could cause it to smoke from engine area. Is the smoke coming from the exhaust or engine bay? If exhaust, then I highly doubt it was caused by the curb incident.

What can you do to stop the white smoke from coming out of the exhaust?

the smoke that comes out of a exhaust pipe is supposed to be white

Hot get rid of black smoke from tailpipe?

how can i get black exhaust smoke stuck on my dual exhaust

What causes engine to sputter and smoke from the exhaust?

If the smoke is black it could be caused by a faulty fuel pressure regulator which could be causing the engine to get too much fuel.

Won't turn over then white smoke?

If the smoke is coming from the exhaust then it's coolant. If its not turning over then it could be hydrolocked from a coolant leak.

What causes gray smoke from exhaust?

grey exhaust smoke is caused by your engine burning oil during the combustion process. this could be caused by a piston ring that doesnt properly seal, or another leak in your engine.

What is a sentence using exhaust?

smoke poured out of the exhaust of the car.

Is it normal for water to be coming out your exhaust on a 5.7 suburban. No AC?

Water condensation coming from the exhaust is normal when the vehicle has been sitting in a wet area, but should stop once it is warmed up. Water from the exhaust after it is warmed up and white smoke from the exhaust is an indication of a blown head gasket.

Why is black smoke coming out the exhaust?

It is buring oil this is a wrong answer whe engine burn oil to the exhaust smoke is a heavy white smoke no black

What causes blue smoke out of the exhaust?

In a gasoline fueled engine, blue smoke is a sign of oil being burned with the gasoline. This could be from rings allowing too much oil by the piston, a leaking valve guide or even oil being mixed into the gasoline. Two cycle engines, which have oil mixed in with the fuel on purpose, will often produce this light blue smoke at the exhaust. This would be a natural condition.

Why does my lawn tractor motor exhaust blue smoke?

Blue smoke is from the engine burning oil. You could have too much oil or an internal engine failure.

Why would it smell like exhaust when inside when you are sitting or running the heater in a 1996 3.1 beretta?

It means you have a leak in your exhaust line, the exhaust should be completely vented away from the car by the pipe. Since your lungs pass carbon monoxide, one of the components of exhaust smoke, as though it were oxygen, into the bloodstream, but your cells which should be receiving oxygen can't use carbon monoxide, you could die from it. Immediate suggestion, get it towed to a company which repairs or replaces exhaust systems and have it fixed.

Why does smoke comes out of my exhaust when going down hill?

What colour smoke?

Why does your Kia Rio smoke out of the exhaust?

The answer depends in part on the color of the smoke.

Could water in an almost empty gas tank on a lawn mower with a 27 HP engine run fine but then have white smoke coming out of the exhaust?

it could be a blown gasket, cracked head or water in the exhaust

Will a valve cover leak cause the engine to smoke on a 1996 Toyota Tacoma?

Yes, it could. What could happen is it leaks as you are going down the road and leaks onto the exhaust manifold and creates the smoke.