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If all but four players foul out can the game continue?


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2009-01-24 20:15:46
2009-01-24 20:15:46

Yes. What will happen is that the last person to foul out will get called for a technical because there are no players left to play. The other team will get two technical foul shots, and the game will continue.


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live ball is when a person is taking a foul shot and if it doesnt go in then the players get the rebound and continue the game

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at first the team plays with four but once they get down to three they have to fore fit

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In the college game, a team has to forfeit the game when they are down to one eligible player--- unless the referee believes they could still win the game.In the NBA, teams must have five players on the court, and there is a rarely-used procedure where players can come back into the game if their team runs out of players. If a player comes back in after fouling out and gets another personal foul, his team is assessed a technical foul in addition to the personal foul.

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No. It is a foul, but the game will continue with the other player's turn.

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every team must have 7 active players to play if not the first team to not to qualify then they have to forfeit the game.

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