If all of our friends think you are really pretty but no one has asked you out are you really pretty?

Of course.....if no one has asked you out yet it might be because they are nervous....and if you are in hih school.....guys are immature at this age and they don't know what they want.!


Does it really matter if someone thinks you are pretty or not? If you think yu are pretty then good. IF not then live with it. People have no respect for themselves these days...


^^^woah that's kinda harsh..ok listen to this guys are just intimidated..and yes i kno ur goin to be like omg everyone giving that answer "intimidated guys" but hey u kno wut its the only explaination...and guys just need a little confidence/guts to ask you out...soo yeh but don't blame the guys..cause u kno what i feel bad that the tradition falls on the boys to ask the girls out..even though girls could ask guys out (ha ha ha funny) lol..but still come on!! lol im a girl and i ikno how it feels..soo just be patient..and enjoy life as it is..