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The standard role of a godparent in non-religious families is not too difficult or formal. Basically, he or she should act as a role model, a mentor, a responsible figure in the life of the child (and be available for occasional baby-sitting).

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Can anyone be a godparent to a Catholic child?

No. The godparent must be a practicing Catholic, because their job as a godparent is to guide the child in practicing their faith. If the godparent isn't Catholic, then they can't fulfill their duties: they can't be a godparent.

Can you have a god son if your under the age of 16?

Yes. A child who has reached the age of reason and has been confirmed may be a godparent.The determination as to the maturity of the individual, and their ability to carry out the duties of a godparent will be made by your priest.

Can a non Catholic be a godparent to a Catholic child?

A godparent of a Catholic child should be Catholic. The purpose of a godparent is to encourage the child in the faith and serve as an example of trying to live like Christ.

Who choses the godparent for a child?

The parents/carer of the child.

Can a Catholic be a godparent to Lutheran child?

That would not be appropriate as the responsibility of a Godparent is to help in bringing up the child in that child's religion. There could be a bit of a conflict of interest if the Godparent is of a different faith.

If you are Episcopalian can you be a Godparent to a Roman Catholic child?

Yes, but the other Godparent must be a Catholic.

Can a non Christian be a godparent?

Yes they can, for a godparent promises to see that the child is taken care of and brought up in a certain way which is acceptable to society..Catholic AnswerIf you mean can a non-Christian be a Godparent for a Catholic child, then the answer is no, as the first requirement of a Godparent is that they are a good practicing Catholic.

Do you need to be christened yourself to be a godparent?

A godparent's job is to help in the religious training of a child. So a godparent should be christened if the child is Christian.

Can a mother denounce a godparent?

I feel that it would be the right of the mother to denounce a godparent, if he /she is not fullfilling his/her responsibilties towards the child.

Does one have to be Baptised to be a godparent of a Catholic child?


What is the responsibility of godparents?

Traditionally, a Godparent is assumed to take over raising the baptized child in the event of the child's parents' deaths. It is also assumed that the Godparent will raise the child in the faith of the parents.

What do Godparents pay for at the Baptism?

Catholic AnswerThe Godparent at a Catholic baptism is not required to pay anything, however his duties are substantial: "The Godparent is chosen for a very serious role in the child's upbringing. His responsibility will be light if the parents are both good practicing Catholics. But, even so, they may fall away from the faith, or even die. In both those cases and in all cases where the godparent feels that the child is being neglected in the spiritual realm, he must assert his rights and perform his duties as the spiritual parent of the child. This can be an unpleasant or even painful task. One should be aware that all this is implicit whenever one is asked to become a godparent."from American Catholic Etiquette, by Kay Toy Fenner

Can you be the godmother to a sibling?

Yes, you can godparent a sibling that is not directly your mother or father own kin. If the relative chooses you as the godparent of their child, that is completely acceptable.

Why is a godparent needed at a catholic baptism?

In case something happens to a parent, there will be a godparent to insure the child continues his/her religious education until Confirmation.

Can a non-Catholic Christian be a Godparent?

.Catholic AnswerIf you mean can a protestant be a Godparent for a Catholic, then the answer is no. The Godparent's job is to bring the child up in the Catholic faith, and the first basic requirement of a Godparent is that they are a good practicing Catholic.

How old do you have to be to be a godparent in Christianity?

A Godparent should be of sufficient age to take on the religious education and growth of the child in the event of the parent being unable to do so.

Can you be a Episcopalian god parent if you are not religious?

IF the parents of the child pick you as a GodParent, I would think that is something they would have to ask their priest, etc. I do know that, not being a Catholic, I am a godparent for a child who was born into the Catholic church...

What is the purpose of a godparent?

To care for the spiritual upbringing of a child and to care for the child if the parents should become unable to.

What does godparents mean in Baptism?

"godparent" and "sponsor" mean the same. Meaning they are the representatives of the child.

Can a non Catholic be a godparent in the Catholic religion?

No. In Catholicism, the purpose of a godparent is to guide the child (through words, actions, and example) in the Catholic faith, and to help them back to Catholicism if they fall away. Obviously, a non-Catholic is not able to fulfill this duty, so they cannot be a godparent.

Why do children have god parents?

A godparent is an individual who vows to raise a child in the religion of the parent(s), if something were to happen to them and they died. A godparent can override the wishes of grandparents in spiritual matters only.

I have been asked to be a godparent but i am a Sikh and havent been christened can i still be a godparent?

No you cannot be a Godparent if you are not a Roman Catholic. I guess the parents of the child have not consulted the priest before asking you. The moment they approach the church they will have to name another God parent who is baptised in the Roman Catholic Church.

What are the responsibilities of the godparent?

The godparent is supposed to take the childeren or child if his/her parents are killed or otherwise become incapable of taking care of their kids anymore. Godparents have the responsibility to see that the child's parents bring the child up in the faith. They encourage the parents to take the child to church, and to teach the child to love God, and to be an upright citizen in the community.

Can non Catholic be godparent to child who will be brought up Catholic?

Absolutely! I think they have to be Christian, though. Both of my godparents are Protestant, and I'm Catholic.ANSWER: Hmm?? Not sure why that was permitted in your parish. At least ONE godparent must be a practicing Catholic. The other godparent does not need to be a catholic but does need to be a Christian.

Can a Mormon be asked to be a godmother for her granddaughter?

Mormons don't tend to have Godparents but yes you can ask anyone to be a Godparent to your child provided that they and you understand what that means. Generally you would choose a Godparent that you would trust to raise the child well and in YOUR faith provided you could not. If you want your daughter to be raised in your faith and not in the LDS faith then you may not want to choose her as a Godmother, if you trust her to follow your wishes then by all means, have her be the Godparent.

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