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If already reviewed approved and receiving short term disability benefits how can long term disability be denied only because they consider the problem to be pre-existing?


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2011-09-12 21:09:44
2011-09-12 21:09:44

If Long Term Disabilty is denying you because on the date of the claim you were in the pre-x period then it would be forever. When the pre-x time is over - then it would cover a NEW claim. Not a pending one. Check YOUR actual policy for exact details. For more information


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Receiving disability benefits does not make you legally unable to marry.

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Social Security disability is approved on a case by case basis. Some people are denied disability the first time they apply. I have a friend who was born with spina bifida who was denied three times. The fourth time he filed his claim he got approved. The process took 3 years before he was approved and began receiving benefits.

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No. Evictions have nothing to do with disability. A person can apply for disability benefits from Social Security if he qualifies for it.

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