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If Long Term Disabilty is denying you because on the date of the claim you were in the pre-x period then it would be forever. When the pre-x time is over - then it would cover a NEW claim. Not a pending one. Check YOUR actual policy for exact details. For more information

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Q: If already reviewed approved and receiving short term disability benefits how can long term disability be denied only because they consider the problem to be pre-existing?
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Can you already be receiving disability benefits and get married?

Receiving disability benefits does not make you legally unable to marry.

If a child was already receiving ssi prior to medicaid disability being approved how will that change his ssi benefits?

There will be no effect.

If a child was receiving SSI payments prior to being approved for medicaid disability how will that effect his SSI benefits?

There will be no effect.

Can someone who was born with hydrocephalus get social security disability?

Social Security disability is approved on a case by case basis. Some people are denied disability the first time they apply. I have a friend who was born with spina bifida who was denied three times. The fourth time he filed his claim he got approved. The process took 3 years before he was approved and began receiving benefits.

Can an eviction notice get me approvED for disability in Florida?

No. Evictions have nothing to do with disability. A person can apply for disability benefits from Social Security if he qualifies for it.

Can you sell your property while getting disability insurance?

There is no restriction on what you can do with your property, while receiving disability insurance benefits.

Can you qualify for short term disability if you are unemployed and not receiving any benefits?


Is there a cap on savings account while receiving social security disability benefits?


If you are receiving long term partial disability benefits and decide to quit your job will you continue to qualify for benefits?


Can you invest in real estate while receiving social security disability benefits?


Can you get Medicare if retiring at age 64?

Only if you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits.

Can you get a job while receiving Social Security Disability benefits?

You are supposed to be too disabled to work

Will moving to another state affect your disability benefits?

Your individual disability insurance policy is portable and benefits will not be affected by moving to a different state. If you have disability insurance through your employer, and move in a new state while working for the same employer, benefits will not be changed. However, if you leave your employer, you may lose the disability insurance benefits through a group DI policy. If you are currently disabled and are receiving disability benefits from the state, you will have to check with the new state regulations on social security DI; If you are receiving benefits through a personal/ individual insurance policy from an insurance company, then benefits are not going to be affected by the state of residence.

Does the government confiscate a persons home if that person is on Social Security disability for a certain amount of time?

No. There are no penalties for collecting Social Security benefits for an approved disability. If you are also receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is a form of welfare, there are restrictions on the assets you can own and still receive benefits, but your home is exempt from that formula. The government will not confiscate your home.

Can a person receiving disability benefits with direct deposit to the bank be levied?

If you are asking if the money from disability can be "garnished" like wages the answer is NO. Creditors can't attach social security disability income.

Can a minor receiving Social Security benefits have a job?

It depends on the type of Social Security benefits the minor receives. Disability benefits would mean he is unable to work.

How long can you collect disability?

People can collect disability for as long as they are considered disabled. If someone is receiving and afraid of losing benefits they should speak with their local SSI about it.

Does Cigna have good benefits for its employees?

if I am receiving short term disability and my company is bought out and I need to go on long term disability will I be covered for long term?

Do you still have military benefits with honorable discharge?

You're entitled to VA benefits and service related disability benefits (if applicable), but you won't continue receiving the benefits you received while you were on active duty.

How old do you have to be to be eligible for Medicare?

Sixty-five, or receiving Social Security disability benefits for at least 24 months.

How old do you need to be to get Medicare?

Age 65, except for persons receiving Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits.

Can a veteran lose his disability benefits for being arrested?

If benefits are for service connected disability then after 61 days of being convicted of a felony benefits will be reduced to $98.00 a month for anyone receiving more then $188.00 and if you received 98.00 then you will receive 49.00 a month. If convicted of a misdemeanor then benefits will not change.

How do I apply for disability retirement coverage?

To apply for disability retirement coverage you will need to be under the age of 65 and meet specific requirements. The requirements include that you are vested, you begin receiving Social Security disability benefits and that you have recent coverage for disability.

Can a child draw from mothers disability if the father has custody?

Social security disability or a different type of disability insurance? For SSDI, children of divorced parents are still eligible for benefits regardless of whether the child lives with the parent receiving Social Security benefits or the parents remarry.

Can you work while receiving social security disability If so, what is the maximum amount income allowed?

While receiving social security disability benefits, the maximum amount of additional monthly income allowed from working is $900 a month gross.