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The drinking law does not stipulate..."If maried then you can drink if your under 21." You still have to wait, sorry.

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Q: If an 18-year-old female gets married to an older man in South Carolina does she automatically become legally able to drink alcohol or does she still have to wait until she turns 21?
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Can you make Moonshine legally in South Carolina

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Morally or legally? Morally, maybe, legally yes.

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Can a minor drink alcohol with his parents in South Carolina?

NO! anyone under the age of 21 is not legally allowed to partake in the consuming of alcohol unless it is for a religious ceremony or was used in the cooking of food. When is it used to cook food the alcohol content of the drink must be boiled away during the cooking process.

When can you move out legally in North Carolina?

When? at what age? At 18 you are an adult and can legally move. Until then you are a minor.

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If a woman is legally separated and gets pregnant by another man will it automatically be the husbans due to marriage?

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Like the rest of the country, they drink alcohol legally at 21.

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legally yes

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South Carolina became a colony in 1712 but not legally it just split from Northern CarolinaBy: LAUREN MAXWELL

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