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Please turn the coin over and look next to Jefferson. You'll see the date 2004. You have a commemorative nickel issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. It's worth exactly 5 cents.

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Q: If an 1803 nickel has five cents on it does that mean it is a half dime?
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What is the difference between an old nickel and a new dime?

five cents

How much is one coin?

It depends on the currency and the coin. In the US a penny is one cent, a nickel five cents, a dime ten cents, and a quarter twenty five cents.

What are the different ways to make fifteen cents?

Fifteen pennies, ten pennies and a nickel, five pennies and two nickels, five pennies and a dime, three nickels, one nickels and a dime

You have two US coins in your hand which total fifty-five cents One is not a nickel What are the coins?

It is impossible, since no coin + half dollar = 5 cents besides a nickel. 1,5,10,25,50, $1 are the coin denominations of today. However, if you used a half dime, it could technically work out, as 50 half dollar + 5 half dime = 55 cents. A half dime is a coin worth 5 cents. A nickel today, is just a name for 5 cent coins. For example cent or penny is a name for a 1 cent piece as a dime is a name for a 10 cent piece etal. Todays nickel is made of copper and silver.

How do you write 35 cents?

To write 35 cents, you would write $0.35. This is about one third of a dollar, and can be made using a quarter, and a dime, or five nickels, as well as three dimes and a nickel.

How many dimes in a nickel?

A nickel is a five-cent United States coin. A dime is a ten-cent coin. Therefore, a nickel is half of a dime.

How many cents are in a nickel?

Five cents.

What is value buffalo and Indian head dime?

Please check the back of your coin. You'll find its denomination is five cents, not ten, so it's a nickel rather than a dime. Please post a new question with its date and whether there's a small D or S underneath the words FIVE CENTS.

How many nickels are in 435 cents?

Five cents in a nickel. Divide 435 cents by 5. 435/5=87

How much is nickel?

A nickel is worth five cents.

What is a 1911 dime with a v on the back worth?

It's a Liberty Head Nickel not a dime, the "V" on the reverse is the Roman numeral 5 if the coin is so worn down you can't see the words Five Cents under the V the value is likely only 10 to 20 cents.

How many in 1 nickel in cents?

Five cents

You have two us coins in your hand which total fifty-five cents one is not a nickel whagt are the coins?

one is a fifty cent, the other is a half disme. Dime)

How cents are in a nickel?

The face value of a nickel coin in the United States is five cents.

How many cents in a nickel?

5 In U.S. currency a nickel is worth five cents.

Are there still five and dime stores?

Yes, but you won't find much for a nickel or a dime any more. We have a "five and ten" locally.

What is a slogan for nickel?

Nickel is worth more than just five cents

How much are buffalo nickel?

it is a nickel five cents but like a lot of dollars

What is the value of nickel coin?

five cents.

What is a Canada nickel worth?

five cents.

How much is a 2006 nickel?

five cents

What is value of 1803 nickel?

The U.S. didn't begin minting nickels until 1866. If the date 1803 is above an image of a handshake, then what you have is one of the Westward Journey nickels, commemoration 200 years since the Lewis and Clark expedition. It was minted in 2004 and is worth five cents.

How much is a liberty 1945 five cents?

The Liberty nickel was not made in 1945. In 1945 there was a silver nickel and that is worth 25 cents.

What are the change combinations to make twenty cents?

Twenty pennies Fifteen pennies, one nickel Ten pennies, two nickels Ten pennies, one dime Four nickles Three nickels, five pennies Two nickles, one dime Two dimes One dime, one nickel, five pennies

1 USD equals how many cents?

One United States Dollar is equal to one hundred (100) cents. Other smaller denominations include a penny being equal to one (1) cent, a nickel is equal to five (5) cents, a dime is equal to ten (10) cents, a quarter being equal to twenty five (25) cents and a half-dollar being equal to fifty (50) cents.