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If an American citizen marries a Canadian citizen in the US where to they file for divorce?

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In the appropriate court in the state or province where they now reside.

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Does an American citizen who marries a Canadian citizen gain benefits of a Canadian citizen?

== == In Short: no.

If an American marries a Canadian in Canada can she get Canadian healthcare?

Only if you apply to become a Canadian citizen. Once you get residency in Canada you can apply for provincial healthcare.

If a Mexican Citizen marries a Canadian Citizen in Canada does the Mexican Citizen automatically have Canadian Citizenship?

no, he needs to get a 3 year stay

If an American marries someone from Ghana?

They will become an American citizen

If an American male citizen marries a Swedish female citizen does he become a Swedish citizen?

Not automatically.

If an American marries Mexican in Mexico can she file for divorce in US?


If an American marries a Mexican in Mexico does that person automaticly becom e a Mexican citizen?

no they do not the Mexican instead becomes an American citizen

If you are a Russian citizen marrying a Canadian citizen how long will it take to be a permanent resident?

Once a person from another nation marries a Canadian citizen, he or she becomes a permanent resident. The process takes approximately 50 days for the paperwork.

If a british citizen marries her American boyfriend in UK without a fiance visa?

* ---- == == * ---- == == * ---- == ==

If a US citizen marries an illegal alien and then divorced is the US citizen still legally financially responsible for the alien after the divorce?

I believe the spousal support decision by the court in the divorce decree would take precedence here .

If American citizen marries French citizen do they both have duel citizenship?

No. citizenship has to do with where you were born, and where your parents were born. It has nothing to do with marriage.

If an American citizen marries a Brazilian citizen in Brazil what steps are necessary for the American child to become a citizen also?

the child and your self need to go to immagrastion and get citizenship in brazil for the child.

If an American citizen living in Germany marries someone who is not a citizen of Germany can they live in Germany?

if ur in an American military base u r basicly not in Germany.

Does a Mexican citizen become a legal American if marries a American?

Not automatically. They have to apply for a green card and then apply for Naturalization.

If an American Citizen marries a Russian citizen is that person automatically an American citizen?

No, but the Russian may be able to get a green card but might be required to go back home during the paperwork phase.

What happens if an American citizen marries Canadian citizen in Canada and the Canadian is bankrupt what happens with sponsorship and visas and such?

Any questions you have you should refer them to the Canada CIC. It is not impossible for the Canadian to sponsor you if he/she filed for bankruptcy but it does make it more difficult. Mainly they have to be able to AFFORD to take care of you once youre in Canada. But refer to the CIC. Google it. Canada CIC for all info. Good luck

If an American Citizen marries a Guatemalan will they lose US citizenship?

No. When you are born an American you are always an American unless you decide to take the citizenship of another country.

If an American citizen marries a filipino citizen in the Philippines would it make him a filipino citizen also?

No You would have to apply for citizenship just like the other person would have to apply to become a US citizen.

What rights does a person with political asylum that marries a US citizen have when the wife wants a divorce and they have a child?

He has the right to divorce and to an equitable share of the marital estate, and has equal right to petition the court for custody of the child.

If an American marries a peruvian and then gets a divorce does the peruvian get half of the assets?

Depends on where you got married and under what terms

If non-citizen living in USA marries USA citizen is he then USA citizen?


What is the quickest way to proceed when an American citizen marries a Canadian in Canada and then they decide to move to the U.S.?

There is no "quick" proccess. Check out the INS' website for information on how to get started. They have millions of immigrants to deal with. It is a slow, expensive, and sometimes agonizing process.

Does a US citizen who marries a Mexican National become a citizen of Mexico?


Can a Canadian citizen live in the US if he or she marries a US citizen?

Yes. When a non-citizen marries a U.S. citizen, s/he can then apply for US permanent residency. It is important to note that you cannot marry someone solely to obtain a green card as that is considered fraud (though, for the most part, it is the government's burden to show fraud, not your burden to show it isn't). A Canadian citizen married to a US citizen should have a simple time getting the required permanent residency visa, though you still must fill out the proper immigration forms and follow the rules to the letter, as NOTHING is automatic.

Is there a law that says if a Canadian marries an American then the Canadian becomes American by marriage?

There is no law that states that, however, there is ways for an immigrant and their US citizen spouse to apply for a green card for permanent residency but only upon your petition being approved. The only people that automatically become US citizens are children who are born in the US regardless of parent's nationalities.