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No, marrying a U.S. citizen does not automatically grant an immigrant permanent resident or citizenship status.

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Q: If an Irish female were to marry an American male does that automatically make her a legal citizen?
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Your father was born in Belfast - are you automatically an Irish citizen?


Is Bono American citizen?

No, he is Irish.

How can an Irish American become an Irish citizen?

yes just live there

If you have an Irish born father that was not listed on the birth certificate are you still eligible for Irish citizenship?

If either parent was a citizen of Ireland at the time of the birth, the newborn would automatically be a citizen of Ireland as well.

What does citizen mean in Irish?

'Citizen' is not a word in the Irish language.

Mother is Irish father is hispanic what ethnicity would the child be?

If you were born in America you would be an Irish hispanic American citizen.

What does citizen of newry mean in Irish?

'Citizen of Newry' is in English, not Irish.

Is Jesse McCartney Irish?

He was born in Ardsley, New York, USA, so he's an American citizen. Do you mean are his people Irish?

Can an Irish citizen marry a US citizen and keep her Irish citizenship?


What is barrack Obam'a nationality?

US citizen. Mother was an American of Irish descent, and his father was from Kenya.

What is the nationality of black Irish?

If born in Ireland and Irish citizen, then Irish.

Can you become Irish by marrying an Irish citizen?

No but your children will be half-Irish.

Can a US-citizen join the Irish Army?

No. You must be a citizen an EU country in order to join the Irish Army

How do you obtain citizenship in Barbados?

I am an Irish Citizen and wish to become a Barbados citizen

Is Vanessa Hudgens Japanese?

Hudgens's father is an American of Irish and Native American descent, and her mother is a Filipino-born citizen, who grew up in Manila.

How does native American end up with surname of probable Irish origin?

A Native American could end up with a European surname if at some point one of their female ancestors married a European (oftentimes a French/Irish fur trader.) A Native American with an Irish surname probably has some Irish ancestry.

What are the duties of a Irish citizen?

to vote

What if i am an Irish citizen?

This is NOT a question - it is a STATEMENT !

Can a American join the Irish army or royal Irish regiment?

The Royal Irish Regiment is actually a British military regiment and these days is usually composed of soldiers from Northern Ireland however not exclusively. So in regards to joining that particular regiment you would have to find out the UK's stance on American applicants. As for the Irish army i dont think you can without being an Irish citizen, i suppose no more then we can join the American military in the same way.

What is Shannen Doherty nationality?

She was born April 12, 1971 in Memphis, Tennessee - making her an American citizen. Her ancestry is Irish on her father's side and English, Scottish, and Scots-Irish on her mother's side

How can you get Irish citizenship?

There's lots of ways to get Irish citizenship. I'll list them all out:If you do not have the citizenship of any other country you get Irish citizenship automatically, if you are born in Ireland.If either of your parents already have Irish citizenship, then you are also Irish unless your parent was born abroad and their birth was not reported to the Irish authorities.If you are born in Ireland to British parents, you would be both Irish and British unless your British parents were born outside of Britain, then you would only be Irish.You can naturalize as an Irish citizen after 5 years of legal residence.If your grandparent was born in Ireland, you are entitled to become an Irish citizen.If your great grandparent was born in Ireland, you can become an Irish citizen assuming your parent's birth was registered with the Irish authorities before your birth.Irish citizenship can be passed from generation to generation abroad as long as one registers their birth before the subsequent generation is born.If you were born in Ireland prior to 2005, you became an Irish citizen even if neither of your parents were citizens.

What did the Irish do to become citizens?

Not much, simply by born in Ireland makes you an Irish citizen.

Does Irish Citizen need a Dubai visa?


How do you say 'female cat' in Irish?

According to the Irish Dictionary - female cat in Gaelic is baineannach cat

If your grandma was born in Ireland and is an Irish citizen and your mom applies for citizenship and you are a minor can you go to college in Ireland as a child of an Irish citizen?

You should be able to. Click on the link below for the Irish department of foreign affairs.

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