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well several things could occur. your lights look dimmer than normal, your alternator light will come on (if you have one, or its not blown), your battery light will light up(if you have one that is not shorted out or blown)and your car will run sluggishly thae finally die in mid transit from point a to point be. hope this helps.

2008-03-24 22:47:26
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Q: If an alternator is bad a new car battery would've gone bad within a few hours or the next day or a light indicator would come on right?
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The battery charge light comes on and eventually your battery dies Then Replace the alternator and within a few days the light comes on again What could prevent a good alternator from charging the bat?

Battery light usually means alternator not charging. Most common solutions would be be a bad alternator, bad connection, or loose alternator belt. If the battery and alt test ok than check the connections to the alt. You may also have a battery drain (something that is staying on and killing the battery)

Is automotive current ac or DC?

D.C. - from a battery kept on recharge from the alternator. The alternator itself, as its name says, produces a.c., but this is fed into a rectifier included within the alternator case.

How do you repair a 1990 Ford Bronco if the battery goes dead within a week even when new?

Check your alternator, that would be the main problem i think because the alternator charges your battery when in use, and with a bad alternator, means that your car is runnin soley off the battery and does not recharge the battery. Look into getting a new alternator. try testing the alternator at a local auto parts store, another test you could do is start the vehicle , and while it is running take off the battery cables, if motor turns off immediatly then your answer is that you have a bad alternator

Your 1996 Nissan Maxima won't start up at all Not certain if it's battery or alternator drained the battery soon as you try to start nothing ABS light was on before?

The ABS light is likely coming on because the voltage being put out by your battery isn't enough to satisfy the requirements of the ABS system. It could be either the battery or the alternator. Put a load test on the battery and make sure that's operating within the requirements, and put a volt meter on the battery after starting the car to see the alternator recharging the battery. I've seen it both ways, alternator is bad and need a new one, or the battery is bad and need a new one.

Can the alternator kill the battery?

Yes.Normally, the alternator charges the battery as you drive, and if if doesn't work, the battery never gets charged causing the battery to discharge. A discharged battery will have a short life, and is more likely to freeze in cold weather which ruins the battery completely. Note that an alternator should always be tested hot (within 5 minutes after driving for at least 45 minutes) . A bad alternator with a bad voltage regulator or rectifier diode may test good when cold.In some cases, an alternator may be "bad" because a rectifier diode (internal part like a check valve for electricity) no longer functions. With a bad diode, the alternator can, from time to time, actively discharge the battery when you shut the car off depending on the (effectively random) position at which it stops.

What could be causing my battery to go dead within a day or so after a full charge it's a 5 year battery and have only had it for less than a year?

A short in the car's electrical system, a bad alternator OR a bad battery.

The battery on my aurora drains really quick when i turn on anything electrical how do i fix it?

You either have a weak battery that needs replacement or you alternator is defective. Start the engine and check the voltage at the battery with a volt meter. It should read from 13.5-16 volts. Anything less and the alternator needs replacing. If it is reading within that range the battery is defective. Another possibility is a defective battery cable that is swollen or frayed.

Why would your 2004 Trailblazer all of a sudden go dead when you are driving?

If its totally dead (no radio, no starter) I would first look at your alternator/battery. This happened to my 2003 Trailblazer, and we had to replace the serpentine belt and the alternator. Battery light came on while driving and within ten minutes, the car was dead.

What could drain the power from the battery within 24 hrs after installing a new alternator and battery?

Bad starter.. direct ground..... stero equipment IG: amplifier being improperly wired . and it is possible to have the wrong alternator or a faulty one. Bad starter.. direct ground..... stero equipment IG: amplifier being improperly wired . and it is possible to have the wrong alternator or a faulty one.

Why would a 1994 Lincoln Continental drain all the power out of the battery within one minute of starting the engine?

Good chances are, the alternator is not connected correctly or is defective.

You recently replaced the battery and alternator on your 96 rodeo now the battery light is on on the dash faintly why?

The voltage regulator (which is inside the alternator) on 97 rodeo's are controlled via the PCM/ECM (Power Control Module/Engine Control Module). A remanufactured alternator for the 97 Rodeo as well as the 97 Passport (Honda), usually will fhow failure while tested in car. On the bench test, however, the alternator tests normal. Aside of the normal problems to be ruled out, ie; alternator belt tension, check for loose connections within and around the alternator, try an original factory alternator. Is this problem affecting your blower motor?

What is the purpose of the fan or alternator belt?

Any belt in a car assists in moving all parts within the engine to work in providing power and cooling to vehicle. The alternator provides power to the battery and the fan cools the radiator so the engine will not overheat.

What would cause a 1992 Chrysler New Yorker to drain the battery if the car is not driven within two days if the ambient temperature is above 70 degrees?

Check alternator

What causes the battery to go dead every 2 days?

Dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery. Examples are, trunk, under hood, glove box, brake, or dome light. Most likely the alternator is not charging the battery and would cause battery failure within 2 days of driving. A vehicle that sits with a constant drain (not including lights) will take over a week to drain the battery. I am sure the owner of the vehicle would know if the lights were on or not. I beg to differ. If the under-hood, trunk, or glovebox light is on the owner would never know this. If the alternator were not charging the battery the red charging system light would be on, which I am sure the owner could easily see. Not to say the alternator cannot be defective if the light is burnt out. A battery with a dead cell will run down overnight every time. Also a trunk or or other under-hood light can easily run a battery down if it is not a very strong fairly new battery. But a defective alternator is not out of the question as it can be strong enough to not turn on the charging system warning light, but weak enough to not keep the battery fully charged. Easy to check the output of the alternator. If you read 13.5 to 16 volts at the battery posts with the engine running the alternator is more than likely good. Less than that or more than that and the alternator is defective.

1991 volks cabriolet battery continuously drains?

you have an unknown drain on the battery. have an automotive electrical shop trace the problem. Depends on how battery is draining. If you charge it with jumpers or charging "device" and it drains quickly, like within a couple hours of use after a full charge, you may have an alternator problem. At the auto shop visit suggested above, have them check your alternator (it creates the energy that the battery energy generation, the battery then drains what you put in it with a jump or a charging device). Other problem may be bad battery, which can't hold a charge.

What could cause the battery light to be dim when ignition turned and then remain dim when the car has started on a 96 ford escort diesel van.?

Sometimes a weak diode within the alternator can cause this. Your alternator may test out fine but have it checked anyway. I hope this helps you. Mark get your alternator checked out as it sounds to me like its on the way out

How do you tell if your alternator is going bad?

This is easy - you can determine the functionality of the alternator in less than 5-minutes. With the engine off, using a volt meter switched to measure DC current, place the red lead against the positive battery terminal/post and the black lead against the negative battery terminal/post and test the voltage. A good battery should measure around 12-volts (a good battery has a range of slightly lower to slightly higher than 12-volts). If you get within this range you have a properly charged battery and can then move to the next step and test the alternator. Turn the engine on and again place the red lead against the positive battery terminal/post and the black lead against the negative battery terminal/post and test the voltage. The alternator is designed to generate enough voltage to replace the 12-volts of power being used by the vehicle's electrical system and charge the battery at the same time. Therefore, a properly working alternator will push about 14-volts of electricity into the system (a properly functioning alternator will generate a range of slightly lower to slightly higher than 14-volts). If the system is generating around 14-volts with the engine running, then you can reasonably conclude that the alternator is working properly. If you you are having battery charging problems (will not hold a charge) and the system is pushing around 14-volts with the engine running, you can then reasonably conclude that the battery needs replacing. If the system is producing less than the normal range of about 14-volts, you may need to replace the alternator. Keep in mind that a good battery may go bad if it is repeatedly used in a system in which the alternator is not working properly. If the systems tests within the normal range of 14-volts while the engine is running, replace only the alternator first and see if the battery then holds a charge. If it doesn't, then you will need to replace the battery also.

How is emf induced in an alternator?

EMF or electromotive force, i.e.Voltage, is generated when the magnets inside the alternator turn within the wire coil of the alternator.

What are the causes of alternator smoking?

Incorrect wiring connection, burnt insulation, or internal components are shorted to ground The news is not good. Apparently there is a short within the alternator. Very likely is not providing sufficient voltage at this point to keep the battery charged. Autozone will check it for free.

What does the fault codes 12 and 41 mean on a 1993 Plymouth voyager with an 3.0 motor and how can you fix the problem This has my check engine then battery dies?

fault code 12 is that the battery has been diconected within the last 50 key-on cycles. fault code 41 is bad alternator. an open orshorted condition detected in the alternator field control circuit. get it in the shop!

What causes voltage on 1999 Saturn sl2 to go from 12.2V to 14V at random times?

The cause is the voltage regulator within the alternator (working normal). When the voltage higher it is charging the battery like after you start your car or have the headlights and wipers on. The voltage regulator keeps your battery charged up. In order to charge the battery, voltage must be higher than battery voltage.

Where is voltage regulator on Ford Focus?

The regulator is within the alternator

How do you reset battery light on 2004 expedition.I replaced the battery and the alternator.?

Check owners manual there should be a section in there that tells you how to reset the light. If no owners manual call local dealer and ask for parts dept and they will be able to tell you. But im sure the button will be within the fusr box.

What is wrong with a 1999 Monte Carlo if the volts light came on then it died and it will not start with a jump or a different battery?

generator is dead and cannot produce electricity I disagree with the alternator theory - don't go replace it just yet...check your fuses first as well as the voltage regulator. A car with a bad alternator will start and run if jumped unless the ciruitry within the alternator is an open circuit. And by alternator, I am referring to the generator. I had that happen to me once at a red light, and it was because of my fuel pump. There was water in my fuel. hello, if the car died when the alt light came on the battery is completely discharged due to the alternator malfunctioning. the battery won't jump if it is completely discharged. the best thing to do is to charge the battery and have the alternator checked to make sure it did malfunction. hope this helped. scott The voltage regulater in this car is built into the alternator... A fuse would not have caused the voltage light to come on before it died. It most likely is the voltage regulater which still requires replacing the alternator / generator.... whatever you feel like calling it... :-) ((8))I have the same problem too. People are telling that it is the starter. When I turn the ignition I get a rapid clicking sound.

What is the function of a rectifier within an alternator?

A rectifier turns the Alternating Current (AC) produced by the Alternator into Direct Current (DC) that your car uses.