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Yes as long as you have enough time in the required time frame at the job to collect it. Unemployment benefits are determined by if the loss of the job was by no falt of you own and your looking for another job did not affect your performance in your current job so it was not a justification to fire you unless you looked for a job while you were supposes to be actually doing your current job and it was keeping you from carrying out the duties of your current job then it would be pretty much your own falt.

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Can an employer stop your unemployment benefits while you were receiving it?

No, they can appeal but why would they wast their time unless you piss them off then it would look like retaliation, get your employer to promise employment for future guaranteed in writing. Same job/position then you be safe. If not unemployment is yours.

What is best for employer hourly or salary pay to employees?

It depends on the employee, the employer, the industry, and the type of position.

Will you receive unemployment benefits from a prior employer if you're terminated from a current position where you are a consultant with no employee benefits other than paycheck?

It depends on too many factors to list here. For example, the state(s) you worked in, reason(s) for termination, length of time worked in both employments, amounts of money you were paid in wages, whether the employer(s) were covered under the employment laws of the state, etc.

If you are related to your employer can you still get unemployment benefits?

This could depend on the relationship, position held in the company, state you work in (each has their own criteria), reasons for the unemployment, etc. It's best to contact your local employment security office for clarification.

Qualifications for substitute teacher's unemployment benefits in Michigan?

No, if you substitute teach in Michigan, you are a seasonal employee with a "reasonable chance" of returning to substitute teach with school breaks and summer breaks in between work time. You can, however, be eligible for unemployment benefits if you are laid-off from a full-time teaching position.

How much does unemployment pay in KY?

Unemployment benefits are paid according to the person's income. An employer pays a certain percentage, based on salaries, into the unemployment plan. A person with an executive position gets more money than a store clerk. Everyone doesn't get the same amount in their benefit check.

How much does unemployment pay in Kentucky?

Unemployment benefits are paid according to the person's income. An employer pays a certain percentage, based on salaries, into the unemployment plan. A person with an executive position gets more money than a store clerk. Everyone doesn't get the same amount in their benefit check.

Can an employer tell the unemployment office why you were fired if you were fired for a code of conduct violation and can the employer give them details of the offense in the state of California?

YES. The state has a legal right/requirement to get correct and factual information about your employment history, to determine if you are entitled to benefits , or not. Another answer: Yes. When you file for unemployment, you are stating your position as to why you are eligible. The employer gives their version and the state has to separate the facts and determine who is right.

Employee Lending Agreement?

Employee Lending Agreement(Download)___________________, referred to as PRIMARY EMPLOYER, and ___________________, referred to as TEMPORARY EMPLOYER, agree:PRIMARY EMPLOYER employs ______________ as systems analyst, referred to as EMPLOYEE, at a rate of $____(_______ &___/100 dollars) per ____. TEMPORARY EMPLOYER will employ EMPLOYEE from _____________ to _________________.During the period in which EMPLOYEE is lent, PRIMARY EMPLOYER shall continue to pay EMPLOYEE, and TEMPORARY EMPLOYER shall reimburse employer for the pay plus ___% percent for overhead and benefits. In addition, TEMPORARY EMPLOYER shall reimburse EMPLOYER for worker's compensation insurance on EMPLOYEE. In the event that state law or other regulation requires TEMPORARY EMPLOYER to provide worker's compensation the EMPLOYEE, said regulation shall control.Dated: __________________________________________Temporary Employer. Federal ID #:___________________Employer. Federal ID #:__________________Employee. Social Security #:Date:Employee Lending AgreementReview ListThis review list is provided to inform you about this document in question and assist you in its preparation. Employee lending has become a standard practice in many industries. It lets the Temporary Employer use Employees at will without having hiring, firing, and reporting requirements associated with it. This also keeps the temporary employees in a position as suppliers to the employer, who remains a customer.1. Make duplicate copies. Be sure to get the Federal ID and Social Security numbers so you are protected under this arrangement.

How long must an employer hold your position while on workers comp?

In Canada the Employer can give your position to someone else for the time you are away, but must give you that position back when you return. However, if you are on and off Worker's Compensation then your Employer has a right to give you another position which you can handle with the condition you have. An Employer cannot fire an Employee that is on Workers Compensation.

Can legal action be taken in an employer pushes an employee into another position with less responsibilities based on an anxiety disorder?

Can the employee perform the duties of the first job? If not the employer has a right to have the job he needs done.

Can you receive unemployment because you lost your position at work?

Apparently, from what I have read, most employers deny an employee unemployment benefits if they were fired. I was just terminated from my job after 11 years and I have been told that even though other employees were not fired for this same reason, I cannot collect unemployment. Good Luck. Bad answer. Employers cannot deny former workers benefits. STATE UI agencies deny benefits to most folks fired for misconduct.

Does an employer have to hold a position for employee on temporary disability?

In many cases an employer does not have to hold a position for an employee on temporary disability. In some cases companies companies are exempt from the Family Medical Leave Act. Employees must also meet certain certain requirements.

When deciding whether to invest in specialized training for a particular job position which would be the most important thing to consider?

Employee Benefits Employment Information Interviewing Unemployment Wages & Salary

What if you find a job before your unemployment benefits run out?

You notify the unemployment commission, stop collecting benefits (unemployment is not an entitlement, it is something you receive as a benefit to help you get through a period when you are unemployed by no fault of your own), and move happily into your new position of employment.

How long can an employer keep you as a temporary employee in the state of Nevada?

Forever. There is no requirement that your position either be eliminated (terminated) or that you be made permanent. This is strictly between you and your employer.

Can you still collect unemployment benifits in ca if you work part time?

Yes you can. My question is, my employer is cutting me down to another position in March, 2012, and I will go from full time to part time, and the loss of benefits. If they cannot place me in a comparable position within 30 miles, and they cannot, I am entitled to a severance if I decline the part time. If I were to do this, in CA will it make me ineligible for unemployment here?

What does it mean position at will?

An at will position means there is no contract binding the employee or employer to the company. Either party can terminate the working relationship at any time for any reason.

What can you do if you expect an old employer will give a negative reference?

Legally your previous employer cannot give a negative feedback to a potential new employer. All they can do is verify employment, dates of employment, and the position held by the employee.

Why should i choose you for this position?

You should be ready to answer the question in an interview of why you should be chosen for the position. A potential new employer will want to see what you have to offer and how you see yourself as an employee.

What questions can a prospective employer legally ask a former employer for a reference check in Virginia?

The only questions that are truly legal are if the employee worked their and what their position was. They can also ask if they are eligible for rehire.

If someone is unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits can they refuse work if the job offered would be part time and prevent them from accepting a full time job if offered one?

You can accept a part-time position, and still get partial unemployment benefits to make up the difference, until you can get a full time position.

Does unemployment pay the difference if all you obtained was a part time position?

Yes, based on the calculations determined in your determination of benefits.

Can an employer pay a new hire more than a current employee?

Take this further. Can an employee hire a new person with the same or less qualifications for a position and pay them more than someone currently in the position with longer time of service with the company?

Sample letter of intent to apply for supervisory position?

Sometimes, employees wish to apply for a supervisory position above the current position they are in. In these situations, the employee will write a letter of intent expressing their desire to do so to the employer.