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The definition of animals only says that most have independent motion. Stationary animals (sponge, coral, anemones, and some mollusks) get food without moving around.

Animals are differentated from plants by structure and being exclusively heterotrophs, or consumers.

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Is sponge plant or animal cell?

sponge is an animal cell

Which animal can't move?

sessile animals mean animals that can't move ,such as coral,ascdans,sea sponge etc...

Is a sponge an organism?

A sponge is an animal

Is a redbeard sponge a plant or animal?

A red beard sponge is an animal that lives in the sea.

Is a sponge a plant or an animal?

Its an animal.

Is a sponge a plant or a animal?


What is the marine animal Sugar Sponge?

It is a type of sponge

A sponge is what?

An Animal

Why are collar important for a sponge?

the collar cells hellp to classify the sponge as an animal to see if the sponge is a consumer or a producer. Therefore, the sponge is an animal so it is a consumer. hope i helped!!(:

What animal can not move and does not have sense organs?

no animal can. maybe a different type of living creatures.....This answers is wrong. there is a simple animal in the Anamalia kingdom that has no sensory organs,and also is also unable to move called the Red Cup Sponge

What is the definition of shrinkage of cement?


How long can a sponge live out of water?

a sponge is a sponge its not an animal or a human so i think about......FOREVER!

Why is a sponge not a true animal?

It is because sponge is the thing that we use to wash our plate and sponge is not a living thing.....While animal is a living thing and it does not wash our plate....

What is the function of flagella in animal cells?

The flagella either move the cell or move objects outside the cell around. For example: A sperm cell swims by the action of a flagellum while a collar cell in a sponge moves water through the sponge by the beating of its flagella. They move by the interactions with microtubules.

What animal can morph?


What animal has cephalization?

the sponge.

Is a sponge is an animal?


Why do you think a sponge is classified as an animal?

LOL beacause of sponge bob

What animal is SpongeBob?

He's not an animal, he's a SPONGE!

What are animals in the anamilia kingdom that do not have sense organs or cannot move?

The Red Cup Sponge in the Animalia kingdom is a simple animal that has no sensory organs, and also is unable to move

Is there an animal that doesn't move from place to place?

yes there are multiple animals that don't move like the sponge, barnicles, clams, mucles, etc., etc., hope that helped :]

How do yellow sponge tubes move?

when they are young they move to attach to another sponge but when they attached and are full grown they don't

How does a sponge move water through its body?

The sponge uses the choanocytes to move a steady current through its body.

What is the definition of Poriffera?

A porifera is a sea sponge.

What looks more like a plant than an animal a sponge or a hydra?