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It depends on company policy. The company took my vacation time, but there not supposed to.

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Q: If an employee has to take off from work to see a doctor related to a workman's comp claim does this employee get paid for the time off or do they have to use the sick or vacation time first?
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What happens to workmen's comp if the employee is discharged from his job?

In the state of Indiana, you still will receive workmans compensation after being terminated from your job. You will receive workmans compensation until the doctor releases you.

Can an employer call an employees doctor and ask for information on the health of the employee?

HIPAA prohibits the employer from contacting the employee's doctor. It ALLOWS the employer to compel the employee to provide med reports from the doctor, on pain of discharge. It allows the employer to hire a doctor to inquire of the employee's doctor.

Is company time or personal time used for doctor appointments on a workmans comp claim?

Personal time

Can you refill your medicine that works better than what the Workmans Comp doctor prescribed for the same issue?

Contact the doctor first to let him know of your plan.

What is the time limit in PA for submitting the employers and or physicians report on an industrial accident workmans compensation?

An accident report required by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry to be completed by the employer is to be done within 15 days of the date in injury. The employee has 120 days to provide notice of the work related injury to the employer. The doctor has to file the LIBC-9 when he wants to be paid.

Does a doctor get a paid vacation?


How much vacation time does a doctor get a year?

Lawyer get 2weeks for vacation time

What is a related occupations doctor?

what occupations is related to a doctor?

In California is the employee responsible for medical bills resulting from the employer sending them to a company doctor for treatment of an injury that was not job related?

Not if the employee was not given the opportunity to choose his or he own medical provider. If the employer required the employee to visit a specific care provider then the employee should be covered by his or her medical insurer or the company's.

Had surgery nine years ago on back need doctor again doctor office says you need to contact the workmans comp underwriter you are using same doctor?

nope ♥♥♥♥

What does an employee need in order to perform a mastectomy?

A doctor.

Can you ask which doctor an employee has an appoint with?

NoButYou can demand a Doctors note for an absence and it must come on a Doctors letter head. This is because what doctor and why your employee is visiting is none of your business, but your employee has to justify any absence.

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