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Yes, but the State will start an investigation as to why the employee was not on the books.

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Q: If an employee is injured but not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?
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If an employee is injured traveling home from work but not on the clock does workman's comp or liability insurance cover it?

yes i think they will

Will liability insurance cover if an employee is hurt on the job in Texas?

No. Your workers compensation coverage is what will cover a worker injured on the job. Your liability insurance is covers injury to your clients, customers, or other parties.

Does general liability covers driving accident of an employee?

No, Your general liability insurance covers accidents on the work site. Commercial Auto Insurance would cover the work related auto accident of an employee. If the employee was injured while on the job, Your workers comepensation coverage would also apply.

Pet liability insurance?

Progressive Auto Insurance will cover your pet if it is injured in an accident with you.

What type of insurance protects workers who are injured on the job?

This is usually called "Workers' Compensation Insurance", or "Workers' Comp" / "Workmans Comp" for short.

Does a non-profit club need liability insurance?

Yes. A patron, visitor, employee or some other person can be injured in a non-profit facility. The club needs insurance for its own protection from lawsuits.

What type of insurance do you need to operate and own a barber shop?

There are many types of insurance you will need to own and operate your barbershop. The most important insurance will be liability insurance. Liability insurance will protect you in the event someone is injured on your property.

What is workers compentation?

Worker's compensation is insurance coverage for employees to compensate them in case they are injured while performing their job. The employer pays a premium that covers medical expenses and lost wages in case their employees are injured. If these benefits are excepted the hurt employee must release the employer of further liability. The insurance company pays the claim and the employee can no longer sue the employer for the injury.

What is a public liability insurance and how is it used?

In a nutshell, public liability insurance is a special insurance a business or a commerce can buy to protect itself financially in case of a lawsuit brought against it by a patron injured at/on it's premises.

What coverage protects the person who was at fault in an accident against losses when someone is injured?

Liability insurance.

What does general liability insurance cover?

The amount of coverage and the specifics of coverage will vary from policy to policy. In general liability insurance will cover damages to individuals or entities other than the insured individual. For example, in auto insurance liability insurance will provide for individuals injured in an accident excluding the policy holder.

What kinds of things does my homeowners liability insurance cover?

When you own a home you are libl for nything that happens on your property. Homeowners liability insurance covers you in the event someone i injured on your property. Homeowner's liability insurance covers the homeowner in the event that someone gets injured while on their property. It covers medical bills and other expenses for guests if something happens to them while at your home.

What type of insurance do states require employers to carry in order to protect the employee if the employee is injured while working?

workers compensation

If you are injured in a auto accident where the other driver is at fault how does his liability insurance cover you?

Yes, every liability policy has bodily insurance coverage attached to it. Therefore, their insurance should pay any medical bills you may be charged for.

If you are driving someone else's car does your liability insurance pay repairs to the vehicle you are driving?

No, liability insurance is when there are injuries involved. If you are injured in an accident when someone else is driving your car, your liability insurance would cover your medical costs. Comprehensive and collision insurance on the car you were driving should pay for damages to the vehicle.

What coverage protects a person who is at fault in an accident against lawsuits when someone is injured?

Liability and medical insurance.

What is the minimum mandated car insurance for Texas residents?

If you live in Texas you must have at least liability insurance. The minimum liability limits are $30,000 for each injured individual and up to $60,000 per accident.

When can omission be the basis for criminal liability?

If somebody does not give some necessary information in a contract and someone is then injured because of that lack of knowledge e.g. if a company does not give relative safety information to an employee and the employee is injured because they did not know about it.

Does homeowners insurance cover contract laborers injured on ones property?

Employee injuries and Homeowners InsuranceNO, Your homeowners insurance policy does not extend coverage to your employees nor to the employees of a contractor performing services at your home.The injured employee needs to look to the employers provided Workers compensation program or to their own medical insurance policy for coverage.

Do I need special liability insurance for my Tae Kwan Do studio?

You might need special liability insurance for your Tae Kwon Do studio given that Tae Kwon Do is a fairly dangerous sport where your students could get injured.

Is bodily injury liability car insurance less expensive than most car insurance?

Bodily injury liability insurance pays the cost of the medical bills if you cause an accident that leaves someone injured. This insurance can be cheaper but you want to buy the best policy you can afford.

Does Menards have liability insurance for customers in their stores?

Any kind of store should have insurance for customers that become injured on their premisis. If they don't have insurance, I would let them know that you will be speaking with an attorney.

What is contractor liability insurance?

Liability insurance is required for contractors in many states as a requisite to work. It protects both the contractor - the worker, and you - the employer, from any liability if the contractor is injured on the job (at your home.) Basically, if he is insured, you don't have to worry about being sued if he gets hurt on your property.

How important is insurance for small businesses?

Insurance is vital for any business, big or small. Insurance covers you in case of loss (fires, hurricanes, floods, and other disasters). It covers liability in case a customer were to slip and fall, or an employee were to get injured on the job.It can also help cover litigation. It would be very unwise to operate a business in this day and age without insurance.

What type of liability insurance does a homeowner need?

Homeowner's insurance covers most basic liability needs, should someone become injured on your property. Additional coverage against fire, flood, and earthquake is also recommended to protect your investment.