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In most cases, the company's insurance carrier will pay for damages, as long as the fault causing the accident was not caused by the employee.

The employee here is representing the company in this case - if the employee is charged with negligent driving and was cited for causing the accident, the company insurance carrier will most likely pay, but will seek restitution from the employee. Could get into a real sticky situation.

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Q: If an employee is on his way to work and driving a company car and has an accident is the employer liable?
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If an employee is on his way to work and driving a company car and has an accident and is at fault is the employer liable What if the employee is DUI?

The employee, driving a company car, intoxicated and on the way to work!! This has to be the most ... ... ... The employee will be terminated no doubt, and will be charge with causing the accident, and will face a possible lawsuit by the other party. In this case, the company insurance carrier will NOT pay out a dime. Negligence on the part of an employee is not usually covered in anybody's insurance policy.

Is the company liable if an employee was asked to take another employee to the hospital and has an accident during the trip?

In General No, The party that caused the accident is liable. However, If You were driving a company provided vehicle a the time of the accident, then the company may have some secondary financial liability depending on the circumstances of the accident.

Who is responsible if an uninsured unlicensed employee driving a personal auto for company business has an accident?

Well as described, I would say everybody is irresponsible! Generally, an employee acting on the commands of his employer makes the employer liable for those actions - more likely "also" liable - so the employee may not be entirely in the clear, albeit less of an attractive target.

Is your employer responsible if you have an accident on company time?

If you have an auto accident on company time, whether your employer is "responsible" depends on what arrangements have been made in advance and what you mean by "responsible."Were you driving a company vehicle?Were you engaged in company business or on an errand for your own benefit?Were you complying with company policy regarding distracted driving, hands-free cell phone use, etc?If you were driving your own vehicle on company business, was that a routine process and had you notified your insurance company of that practice?

Can an employee be sued for having a car accident whilst driving intoxicated?


What will be the consequence if an employee of a business are in an accident and do not have the correct drivers license?

The employee will be personally liable for any fines or sanctions for driving without a license. However, the business will be responsible for damages if the employee was driving as part of work responsibilities.

If an employee has a vehicle accident while going to a jobsite is that an OSHA Recordable?

If the accident occurred while driving from home to a permanent job site such as a factory, it is not recordable. If it occurred while driving from one job site to another (of the same employer) it is likely recordable. If the accident happened while driving from home to a temporary job site like a construction site, and the employee does not have a permanent location to which he normally reports, it may be recordable. See the specific OSHA guidance. Al the above presumes the circumstances comply with all the other criteria for recordability.

How much can an employer charge you for driving a company truck?

As much as they see fit to.

If my nephew is driving my company truck and has an accident do I file the claim on my insurance or the nephew?


Can I get terminated from my job if I was in a car accident with the company?

no, its illegal as it is not your fault We do not have a great deal of information here, but all accidents are at least partially your fault. The company may terminate you if they determine it is your fault and driving is part of your job. Normally one accident will not cause termination unless it is gross negligence or you are a very new employee. If it is your third accident, then termination would be reasonable.

Can your driving record be checked by your insurance company?

Yes. Plan on it.Answeryes, your driving record can be checked by your insurance company and other companies if you got in a car accident.....

IS your employer's insurance responsible for an accident sustained while driving a company vehicle on the job?

I'm not a lawyer. But I believe if the accident was or was not your fault. Workers compansation is responcable for your getting back on your feet. As for the damage to the other party/ies. The company as well as you are responcible. Though in most cases the injured party/ies will only go after the company simply because you probobly don't have anything to take.

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