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IF her name is on the TITLE, she can take it. IF the husband is on the loan, he can make whatever arrangements he and the LENDER agree to.

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Q: If an ex wife takes a car with her name on the loan and does not make the payments can the bank give it back to the husband so he can pay for it?
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Why does a car get repossessed?

The person who bought the car didn't make payments so the bank takes it back.

How do get your car back after a repossession?

If your car has been repossessed by the bank for missing payments, the quickest and most efficient way to retrieve your vehicle is to contact the bank and make your back payments. When contacting the bank about back payments see if there is a new payment plan system that you can set up with them that is more beneficial to you, to avoid having the car repossessed again.

If you give your manufactured home back to the bank are you still responsible for the payments?

You may be responsible for the difference in what you owe on the home and what the bank is able to sell it for. You are not still responsible for the payments.

If a person dies can you give car back to bank?

If the bank holds the loan, then yes. If the payments are stopped, the bank will repossess anyways.

My husband died a month ago and i dont know what to do with the car' s monthly payments it was only on his name?

I imagine that the car is now legally your responsibility. If you stop making payments, the bank that financed its purchase may try to take the car back, and your credit rating might be damaged.

Can a bank repo for not paying late charges?

If you are still making payments to the bank, then legally it is the property of that bank. If you fail to make the payments, the bank reserves the right to take back their property. Property can usually be returned to the purchaser if the the purchaser can make the payment in full, within a certain amount of time set by the bank.

Are orchard bank online payments legal?

Yes, Orchard Bank online payments are legal payments. Making online payments is faster, easier, and often more secure for both the person making the payment and the bank itself.

How can the cosigner of a car immediately have possession of it after it was repossessed by the bank?

When you cosign for anyone you are taking 100% responsibility for the payments on that car. If the person that gets the car doesn't keep their payments up it will be repossessed by the bank with an option for the cosigner to take over payments or sell the car and pay back the loan. Marcy

Could paying the missed payments can help get the repossessed van back?

In MOST cases, if you pay the repo fees and catch up on your payments, you can get the car back. Sometimes, however, the bank will want you to pay the entire balance.

What is the definition of a bank credit?

A bank credit is when someone takes out a loan from a bank where they are not required to pay the debt back immediatly and a payment schedule will be made.

Can you get your repossessed car back if you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and start making payments?

You will have to ask your bank about that. They are in control now.

Your deceased husband co sign for a house note for his son but you did not sign his son is letting it go back to the bank will be responsible?

You can be sued from the bank or creditor

In what ways can a bank repossession affect you?

Hurt your credit and pride. Also it hurts your relationship with the bank. Try hard to make your payments and get back on track. You can't do anything without credit, so build it back up.

Is bank loan an asset?

A bank loan is an asset for the bank as bank receives interest and principle payments from borrower.

How can you receive online payments without a bank account?

Online payments must go to a bank account. Using a routing number for the bank being used and the account for which it is being placed.

If you are making payments to the bank for your car does the bank have your car title?

no,you should have title.

What happens when a co signer dies and you stop paying on car loan?

bank takes back

Does Orchard bank allow online payments?

Orhcard bank will allow online payments. The payments could be for anything. YOu can pay your mortgage, utilities, and even credit card. They have made enrolling very quick and easy.

Can your husband cosign on someone's home without your knowledge?

Yes. And if he does he will become equally responsible for paying the mortgage if the primary mortgagor defaults on their mortgage payments. The bank will go after him for 100% of the debt.

What if you wreck a car without insurance and owe the bank payments?

Then you still owe the bank.

If your mortgage payments are being taken automatically out of your bank account and then the bank goes out of business will the payments continue?

You will need to be more clear on what you mean by out of business. In most cases today all of your assets are protected by FDIC and the bank will be seized. In this case, normal operations will continue for the bank. It will be a good idea to verify that the payments are coming out ok.

Can you make payments to a creditor who froze your bank account?

Payments can be made from out of the frozen accounts simply by authorizing the bank to transfer the money in the frozen account directly to the creditor.

Can a mortgage borrower apply for court foreclosure?

No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.No. A borrower cannot "apply" for foreclosure. A bank commences a foreclosure when the borrower defaults on their mortgage payments.

What happens to your monthly payments once you get your bank card replaced?

Replacing your bank card will have no effect on your monthly payments. The amount you have to pay each month is dependent on your account balance !

How long does a bank draft take to clear?

How long it takes for a bank draft to clear depends on where the back issueing the draft is located and where the draft is submitted for deposit.