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If an ex wife takes a car with her name on the loan and does not make the payments can the bank give it back to the husband so he can pay for it?


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2015-07-15 19:23:36
2015-07-15 19:23:36

IF her name is on the TITLE, she can take it. IF the husband is on the loan, he can make whatever arrangements he and the LENDER agree to.


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The person who bought the car didn't make payments so the bank takes it back.

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If your car has been repossessed by the bank for missing payments, the quickest and most efficient way to retrieve your vehicle is to contact the bank and make your back payments. When contacting the bank about back payments see if there is a new payment plan system that you can set up with them that is more beneficial to you, to avoid having the car repossessed again.

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You may be responsible for the difference in what you owe on the home and what the bank is able to sell it for. You are not still responsible for the payments.

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If the bank holds the loan, then yes. If the payments are stopped, the bank will repossess anyways.

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I imagine that the car is now legally your responsibility. If you stop making payments, the bank that financed its purchase may try to take the car back, and your credit rating might be damaged.

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