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Currently, any child born in the United States toÊa legally resident alien, meaning those that hold visas, is considered to already be a U.S. Citizen. If the plan is to live in the United States, however, Immigration is still preferable.

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Can an American citizen marry an immigrant who already has a green card in the United State and are there any conditons?

An American citizen can marry an immigrant who already has a green card in the United States. The immigrant is placed in preference category 2A, and is placed on a waiting list.

What is an immigrant who is not yet a citizen?

If the immigrant already lives in the country he/she is emigrating to many people use the American term "Permanent Resident"

Can an immigrant become a US citizen if married?

no,but the us citizen can help the immigrant become legal.

How does an immigrant marry a US citizen?

You don't have to be a citizen to marry someone as long as you are a legal immigrant..

Can a immigrant live in America if they were to marry a citizen?

Yes but the American citizen has to file a petition for the immigrant.

If a U.S. citizen marries an immigrant do they have to go through an interview with INS to prove that they are really in love and not lying?

Yes, they do. Why would an immigrant need to talk to INS about a marriage? Immigrant means they are already residing in the US legally as a immigrant.

Why might citizen journalists have an advantage over professional journalists?

Because citizen journalists are already right where the news is happening

If a US citizen is married to an illegal immigrant and they have two US born children can she obtain legal status or is she subject to deportation and would the children affect the decision?

If your already married she's already legal! * An immigrant legal or illegal does not become a US citizen by marrying a US citizen. The female immigrant who is in the US illegal can still be deported under US immigration laws. The issue of her being married to a citizen and having children may or may not be to her advantage. If she is taken into custody she will be given the chance to appeal any deportation issues, but there can be no guarantee of the outcome. The best option is for her to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable in immigration law before taking any other action.

What is an immigrant called before is citizen?

Landed Immigrant then Permenant Resident

Can an immigrant become an American police officer?

A lawful immigrant who has become a naturalized American Citizen can become a police officer, but not an immigrant/alien who has not become a US citizen.

Can a US citizen legally marry a married illegal immigrant?

You can't marry somebody--legal or not--who is already married. At least not in America. If the US doesn't recognize the marriage or if it is invalidated by a US judicial representative there's no reason why a citizen can't marry the immigrant.

Can an illegal immigrant sue an American citizen in civil court?

Can an illegal immigrant press criminal charges against an American citizen?

What happens if an immigrant marry a U.S citizen and the citizen abandon the immigrant?

You must then report to the police as well as the embassy of your country for help.

Can an illegal immigrant get documents after marriage with a us citizen?

Yes, an illegal immigrant, in the US can get married to an American citizen and obtain their documents

Do you have to have a visa to move from the Philippines to the US?

Yes, unless you are already a US citizen you will need an immigrant visa that permits you to work, not a tourist visa.

What can an American citizen do that a immigrant cannot do?

Nothing these days, there's no such thing as an immigrant or illigal.

Can an illegal immigrant with a felony become a citizen?


Does a immigrant have to be married to become a US citizen?


Can an immigrant become a citizen the first year of residency?


Can an illegal immigrant become a citizen after domestic violence?


Is it legal to adopt a us citizen if you are an illegal immigrant?


If a minor was raised in the US illegally can they become a legal immigrant through marriage when they reach the age of majority?

Yes. If the illegal immigrant marries a citizen, they can become a citizen from that.

If a United States Citizen marries in the United States in January 2009 to an immigrant from the Philippines is she now considered to be a United States Citizen?

No, she is not. She will be allowed to remain in the US with her spouse and children, but she will have to apply for citizenship separate from her marriage. The US citizen REMAINS a US citizen. The immigrant remains an immigrant and must follow the legal path to resident immigrant status, and from there to citizenship. Marriage is not a free pass to residency or citizenship.

Is a marriage considered legal if the person wanting to get married is an illegal immigrant?

yes it makes the immigrant a citizen

What advantage do citizen journalists have over professional journalists?

There really is no real advantage. Except for the fact that they do not get deported if they cross the lines*. *This does not mean they do not face penalties and/or imprisonment if they break the laws.

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