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No, when his fingerprints were checked his deportation history would be found. The foreign national committed a felony and therefore has been permanently deported. Any person attempting to circumvent Immigration laws to aid a deported felon in returning to the US would be guilty of committing several federal felonies, all of which are punishable by a mandatory prison sentence and fines.

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When the illegal immigrant will be deported?

The illegal immigrant will be deported when caught.

Can a legal immigrant be deported for being arrested too many times?


What happens if an illegal immigrant commits a misdemeanor?

They will be arrested, charged, jailed, held for ICE and possibly deported.

What happens if your arrested and your an illegal immigrant?

If you are an illegal immigrant and you get arrested, then you will be deported out of the country. Based on your criminal history, you may be given a ban for a particular number of years, during which you will not be able to procure any visa to enter the country. It is always difficult to get an entry ticket to the country once you have been banned from it and deported.

If an illegal immigrant is arrested and deported can they legally come back to the US?

If it is a criminal conviction and they are deported they can not come back and IF they do they-can be punished with a fine ,10years in prison or both because it is considered terrorism act .so your answer would NO

What happens if someone is illegal as in an illegal immigrant and they get arrested for a DUI?

If you are convicted of a crime while in the country illegally, you would be deported and then not allowed to apply for naturalization.

If you marry an immigrant can they be deported?

yes, my husband is Mexican and we have a child, but they still deported my husband

If your an immigrant and your arrested but your about to get your green card Can police still deport you to immigration?

first you cant get deported by police but if you get arrested don't sign anything or say anything just say you want a lawyer and fight for your rights

Can an immigrant with felonies be deported if he gets another felony even if the country he will be deported to is at war?


If you file for divorce and your spouse is illegal will they be deported?

yes if they are an illegal immigrant they will be deported back to where they came

If you have a criminal record can you marry an illegal immigrant in TX?

The first thing to realize is that they are an ILLEGAL immigrant. Which means they are in the country without permission and the necessary documents. Which also means they can be deported at any time. Can you get married? Few, if any, places ask any questions regarding citizenship or criminal history when applying for a marriage license. Which means you can get married. And then have the immigrant deported and be married to someone that you cannot live with.

Your boyfriend got arrested for public intoxication and didnt qualify for bail because he revoked probation but he is an illegal immigrant what will his sentence be and will us border patrol get him?

He may be deported.

What rhymes with report?

Deport, as in: The illegal immigrant was deported

Can illegal immigrant with pregnant girlfriend be deported?


Can a Illegal Immigrant go to court and not get deported?


Can an illegal immigrant get a pardon for bieing deported twice?


What happens to an illegal immigrant?

they get deported back to thecountry they came from

If an illegal immigrant is in prison for burglary will he be deported?

most likely

What if the person is illegally in the UK?

They can be arrested and deported.

Can an illegal immigrant be deported if they have children that are us citizens?

yes, illegal immigrant can be deported even if he/she has children who are US citizens. moreover harbouring an illegal immigrant is a serious offence. please refer to US department of homeland security website

Can can immigrant be deported for shoplifting?

Shoplifting isn't a serious crime, however, if the shoplifter is illegal and the police find out, it's a huge possibility that the illegal could be deported. If the immigrant is a legal U.S. citizen, then no.

How many Ellis Island immigrants were deported?

AnswerAn immigrant is a person who has matriculated into another country. A person who was rejected would not be considered an immigrant.AnswerWhile exact records were not kept, it is believed that about 2% of those applying for entry into the United States were turned away at Ellis Island.

Can a Mexican illegal immigrant travel with a valid Mexican passport?

Yes, but you may not cross any borders and you risk being arrested and deported if you do not have a valid visa when Customs or ICE inspects your passport.

How is a person deported from Canada?

Yes, Canada has illegal immigrant laws.

Can an illegal immigrant be deported after living in the US for 30 years?