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you can`t first apply to the green card (i- 130) then they will answer (2 years) arter the answer you have to pick up your green card at the country your husband is originally from the they will apply the 10 year law punishment for being here illegaly after that period you will be put at the end of the line most like 11 or 14 years, so its about 26 years if you are lucky

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Q: If an illegal alien gets married to a US citizen how long would it take for the illegal alien to get his social security card and a temporary or permanent green card?
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If you marry an illegal Mexican in Mexico how can he become a permanent US citizen?

If I Marry An Illegal From Mexico Can He Become A Citizen

Can an illegal immigrant come to the us on a temporary basis if a us citizen ask for it?

If they obtain a visa, they are not illegal.

Can a permanent resident help her illegal Brazilian husband become legal in the US?

no, only us citizen can help for permanent resident

What will happen if an illegal immigrant marry a us citizen and divorce before filing for a permanent residence?

The US citizen may cancel the I-130 petition, and the illegal will not be given permanent residency. If the immigrant entered illegally into the country, then it doesnt matter because marriage to a US citizen CANNOT help make the immigrant legal.

Can illegal aliens get a social security card?

No. Illegals are not entitled to any social security. You MUST be a legal citizen of the United States.

If you are applyig for a replacement Social Security card and already have a number but is not a citizen What happens if you say you are a citizen on the application when you're not?

its illegal to claim that you are a citizen when your not. you have to submit a letter to your social security office of what your mistake was and wha the correct answer should be. Claiming that you are a citizen when you are not could jeopadize your process to be an American citizen.

Does an illegal alien become a legal resident or citizen by marrying a US citizen?

No. He or she is required to apply for permanent residence status according to US immigration laws.

Can an illegal immigrant gain legal status by marrying a US citizen?

No, marriage to a US citizen does not mean the foreign national will be granted permanent residency or citizenship status.

How can an illegal that lives with an US citizen and has two kids become a legal resident?

by legally marrying that us citizen or print a form from the internet requesting to be a permanent resident

Can illegal aliens apply for social security disability?

No this is a federal program and you must be a citizen to apply. Sorry.

Can a private citizen wear a security officer badge?

Not in America. That's impersonating a police officer which is illegal.

If you marry an illegal citizen and you are an American citizen do you have to live together if you have an alternative lifestyle?

First, there's no such thing as an illegal citizen. Second, there's no such thing as an alternative lifestyle. But if you are asking if a marriage between a gay person and an illegal immigrant of the opposite sex would be valid if it is not consummated, that depends upon the laws of the state where the marriage took place. If the marriage was made with the intent for the illegal alien to gain citizenship or permanent resident status, that won't happen. Marrying a U.S. citizen DOES NOT automatically confer citizenship or permanent resident status.

Can illegal alien marry American citizen to become an American citizen?

The simple answer is, NO, at least not right away. An illegal alien gains very little from marriage to a permanent resident. You cannot adjust status to permanent resident inside the U.S. You would have to leave the country to apply for an immigrant visa based upon the marriage.

Can a illegal Filipina on a tourist visa get married and become a permanent US citizen?

This question does not make sense with the word illegal. Nothing specific is illegal about being a Filipina on a tourist visa. If the word illegal is removed, then yes, it is possible.

Can an illegal immigrant get citizenship if a US citizen committed a crime against him?

No, but you can get a temporary visa (4 years). If you are an illegal immigrant and have been a victim of a crime, you may be eligible for a U-Visa.

You married an Illegal Alien who is not a legal permanent resident can you lose your security clearance?

Yes. You are knowingly harboring a criminal.

What is a good illegal alien citizen?

'Illegal alien citizen' is an oxymoron.

Can an illegal us citizen get custody?

There is no such thing as an illegal US Citizen.

What law that illegal can stay to carefor theirchild who isborn in us?

There no such law that states this. It is a factor that would help the illegal when applying for permanent resident status or even citizenship. The child would be a citizen, but not an illegal parent.

If a foreign national divorces a US citizen does that foreign national become an illegal alien?

No. But only if the person already has US permanent residency.

If you know someone is an illegal immigrant and became a citizen by marriage how can you sue them?

There are not grounds for filing a civil suit in such a situation. In addition, a foreign national whether illegal or not does become a citizen by marrying an American citizen, nor are they guaranteed permanent resident status. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

Can an illegal US citizen adopt?

If you're illegal you're not a citizen -- not hard really

Is marrying a U.S Citizen in order to become a U.S citizen illegal?

Yes, marrying a U.S. Citizen in order to become a U.S. citizen is illegal.

Is it illegal for a citizen to move from the US?

If you're asking is it illegal for a U.S. citizen to move out of the country then no.

Can an illegal immigrant obtain a GED?

can i get g.e.d i'm illegal alien and i am 24 years old i need my school if can help me find and i'm not u.s citizen i dont have socila security