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Do the work, the claim is going to count against you now that a check was issued. You should not have filed if you did not intend to do the work.

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2006-05-11 10:22:57
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Q: If an insurance company writes a check for you and your contractor and you decide not to do the repairs do you have to get another check written or can the contractor sign the check over?
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Can a homeowners insurance company force you to use their contractor for repairs?

No, an insurance company cannot force you to use their own contractor unless they invoke their option to repair pursuant to the policy. Take a look at your policy and ask the company if they are invoking their option to repair. If not, you are free to use your own contractor.

What is an insurance company's contractor of record?

There is no such thing. In the United States the insured has the right to hire whomever they want to effect the repairs.

can i be sued for not letting a contractor do the job after a insurance settlement. there is no signed contract, but he said because he came out when the adjusters made their final evaluations of my home, but there was also another contractor present also?

If you filed an insurance claim on the claim that you would use the money to make repairs and then don't do the repairs, this could be considered fraud. If that was important to the insurance company, they would not have issued the check in your name only.

Can you refuse to have an insurance company carry out repairs to your van and do them yourself after an rta?

after an insurance company is involed after a road traffic accident can i refuse thier offer and do the repairs myself

Does home owners insurance cover required city permits due to damages to the home?

Your insurance will pay the contractor. The contractor gets the required permits. The contractor will have already factored in the cost of any permits needed to make your repairs into his bid for the job.

Is a contractor's license needed to do repairs on other people's homes?

I would have to say yes because of Insurance issues.

Can a homeowner hire a unlicensed person to do repairs on a rental property after a tenant vacates even if in the end the work totals more than 500?

You can hire whomever you want to effect your repairs. Bear in mind though that an unlicensed contractor is probably also an uninsured contractor and your home insurance company will not provide coverage for the contractors work.

How do I Collect the depreciation from Homeowners insurance claim?

If you want to collect the depreciation your insurance company withheld from your claim payment you must make the repairs to your home. After you make the repairs contact your insurance company and they should issue a check for the depreciation.

Can you do the home repairs yourself and get paid by homeowners insurance?

Just contact your Home Insurance Company and ask them about it. Many companies are fine with this for small claims or minor repairs.

How much is insurance companies paying per square for Texas roof claims?

It doesn't work like that. The insurance company will pay claims for roof repairs or replacement that are consistent with the local market and consitent with the damages incurred. If you try to overcharge for the repairs, then the homeowner will be stuck for the remainder of the bill that is not paid by the insurer. A contractor simply submits a bid to the homeowner. If the homeowner chooses you as their roof contractor then they will submit that to the insurer for approval. The company will then pay the bill so long as it is reasonable and within the expected market range for that area.

Can an insurance company deny a claim if it has paid a claim three times for a roof to be fixed and it was not fixed And will the new insurance company fix a roof after being with them only 3 months?

Yes, they can deny the claim. If a loss payout was already issued by an insurance company, it was the insureds responsibility to make the repairs with the funds provided. The company is not required to pay the same claim twice. If the insured fails to make the repairs you can not seek those same funds a second time. Also bear in mind the following 1. Your homeowners insurance policy is a term policy, usually a one year term. So your new insurance company would have no obligation to pay for claims for previous damage nor un-repaired damages that arose before the policy started. 2. Your Home insurance company also does not provide coverage for poor workmanship or quality on the part of your roofing contractor. This is why one should always hire a professional roofer and verify the the contractor has Insurance before allowing the work to proceed. If the roofer did a poor job resulting in failure of the roof or materials you will need to file claim against the contractors general liability completed operations insurance policy because the homeowners insurance company does not have to pay again for the same repairs. It is up to the homeowner to hire a qualified contractor.

What can the insurance company do for you after the contractor takes the money and doesn't repair your house?

Not much. Your insurer provides funds for a covered loss. You choose your contractor that you want to do the work. It is the homeowners responsibility to hire a reputable (preferably insured) contractor to perform the repairs.

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