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the owner of the car with insurance will be responsible

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Who is responsible for an accident when car is not insured?

Whether the car is insured is not important, the point is who was at fault in causing the accident, it could be the person whose car is insured that is at fault.

If both vehicles in an accident are insured by state farm who pays?

the person that is found responsible ( at fault ) for the accident

Who is responsible when a driver with a suspended license in a borrowed insured car hits an uninsured motorist?

If the driver with the suspended license caused the accident then he/she is responsible.

What happens to you when an uninsured unlicensed driver driving your car has an accident?

Is your car insured? Did the driver have your permission? more that likely there will be coverage, (subject to any policy exclusion), but you will obviously have rate increases that will take many years to clear up. If your vehicle is also not insured, you will more than likely be held (assuming driver had permission), equally responsible for all costs, not to mention fines, loss of plates etc.

In the state of Texas If an uninsured person driving a borrowed car causes an auto accident does the driver or the owner of the car pay for the accident?

Some states are different, but in Michigan, the company who insured the car is responsible. They can then go after the uninsured driver Some states are different, but in Michigan the company who insured the car is responsible. They can then go after the driver .

If an uninsured driver wrecks the car of an insured driver is the uninsured driver still responsible?

If the accident was caused by the uninsured driver than the uninsured driver is definitely still responsible.

If your uninsured truck rolled out of park and hit an insured parked car do you have to pay for damages?

Yes. Even though it was an accident that caused an accident, the owner of the truck is responsible for any damges.

What happens if your 19 year old son who has a license gets into an accident and he's not insured on the parents policy?

If your 19 year old son gets into an accident but is not insured, typically he is the one responsible for the accident, as he is considered an adult. Depending on the circumstances, the owner of the car may also be considered liable for any costs resulting from the accident. The details of the law varies from place to place.

If an uninsured driver lives in your house are you responsible if they have an accident?

There are 3 possibilities: You ARE responsbile (or partly responsible) If (1) the un-insured driver is a minor and you are their parent or guardian (2) you are the owner or part-owner of the vehicle they are driving (3) the un-insured driver is on your insurance. Other than those factors, you would not be responsible for them.

Am I insured if I have an accident while driving some else's car?

If you have insurance yourself you are insured to drive someones car. If you have an accident your insurance will cover it.

If a friend was driving your car and got into an accident but was not at fault who pays for damages in New Jersey?

If you gave the friend permission to be driving your motor vehicle then you are responsible for the damage. If you can prove your friend's negligence, then it might be worth talking to an attorney. If you were in a simple accident, your friend had permission, and it's not his fault, then the other driver is responsible, provided they are legit drivers, have licenses, and are insured. Let's say your buddy was rear-ended. The other guy is the at-fault driver. His liability coverage should pay for the cost of repairs to your vehicle. But if he's carrying only the minimum liability insurance, it may not be enough to cover the entire cost. That's where your un-/under-insured policy kicks in.

Is an insured driver on your policy responsible for damages that they have not repaired on your vehicle?

== == In the event that you got into a car accident and it was not your fault but the other driver's, if he is insured, his insurance company is liable to pay for the damages of your vehicle. On the other hand, if the other driver is not insured, your own insurance company, provided you have a policy regarding uninsured or underinsured drivers, will be responsible for the damages your vehicle has incurred. They however, may have a right of action against the person responsible for the accident. The person who caused the damage to your vehicle is ultimately responsible for the damage to your vehicle regardless of whether there is an applicable insurance coverage or not. Whether you actually have the repairs done is none of their business.

Is an uninsured driver that is driving an insured car covered if he gets in an accident?

Yes, he should be. Most insurance companies insure the CAR and ask how many and ages of the drivers in the household to determine a rate. If you didn't steal the car, and had permission of the owner you should be insured.

If you get a cosigner for a new car and you crash it can they be held responsible?

If you're insured, the insurance company should take care of the damages, but to answer your question: You're responsible just for the car payments in case the primary owner can't make them.

If an uninsured driver with permission from an insured car's owner gets into an accident will insurance cover the other vehicle's damage?

Insurance follows the car, not the driver. So as long as the automobile is insured, so is the driver. Just make sure the driver has a valid driver's license.

If your daughter who lives with you is licensed and uses your insured car and gets into an accident will she be insured in PhiladelphiaPa?

Yes if she is not specifically excluded from the policy (you would have had to complete a form akin to the 'named driver exclusion'). The insurance follows the vehicle and anyone driving it with your permission, as long as they are not excluded, is covered.

What happens if an uninsured driver borrows your insured car and gets in an accident?

Depends on the state laws. Typically driver insurance coverage is extended to any driver of the vehicle insured. Insurance covers the vehicle and any legally licensed driver with permission to operate the vehicle.

If an uninsured driver of an insured driver's car has an accident caused by weather and another driver is damage to the insured car covered?

How is the driver uninsured? If he had permission from the insured vehicle owner to drive? There are policy exclusion that apply but most generally that person is considered as an insured driver. I will assume (for the purpose of answering your question) by uninsured driver you mean they have no policy of their own. Are you asking if weather conditons contributed to the accident (say wet/slick road) and they slid into another vehicle is the insurance on the car responsible for the damage to the vehicle they slid into? Yes, probably. Insurance stays with the car. If you could provide more detailed information regarding the driver, and facts of loss, I could be of more assistance to you.

Who is responsible for damage to fence on highway after an accident?

The insured found at fault would have to pay for the fence. This coverage is included in the liability property damage portion of an auto policy.

What is the liability of the owner if some other person takes out insurance on his car?

The insured and the owner of the vehicle are both legally responsible for the vehicle and they could both get sued for an accident.

If you are co-owner on a car title can you be held responsible in case of an accident?

Possibly, but they will go after the other party first if they were driving & as long as insured you have nothing to worry about.

If a stolen car hit a parked car can the stolen cars owner not be held responsible even if a police report for the stolen car was placed after the hit and run was filled?

Assuming the stolen car was insured, the stolen cars insurance would be responsible. If the stolen car was not insured, the driver, if located would be responsible. If not located then the owner would probably be held responsible. Hopefully the struck vehicle is insured for "uninsured motorist" coverage. Filing the report after the accident would document the theft, but not neccesarily clear the owner of responsibility.

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