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the acceleration of the object.

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A force can cause an object to change its shape?

Pressure can cause objects to change shape

Can a unbalanced force change an objects motion?

An unbalanced force can: change the speed an object moves at change the direction an object is moving cause an object to start/stop moving

What do balanced forces cause an object to do?

Balanced forces cause objects to stay at rest or to continue to move in the same direction at a constant velocity.

What is the cause of an acceleration or a change in an objects motion?

A force causes a change in acceleration of an object, F=ma.

What is the effect of a constant force on speed?

A force, applied to an object, will cause an acceleration, that is, a change in velocity. This may be an increase or a decrease in speed, or a change of direction.

What change occurs to the mass of an object when an unbalanced force is applied to it?

There will by no change in the mass, which is constant, but the unbalanced force will cause the object to accelerate. Acceleration can be in a positive direction or a negative direction ("deceleration"), or it can be circular, in which the acceleration changes constantly, even if the velocity remains constant.

what push or pull that can cage an objects motion.?

A force is a push or pull that can cause an object to move, stop, or change speed or direction.

What is a force that can cause an object to change its speed and direction?

A basic physics answer for this is that a net force (or unbalanced force) will cause an object to accelerate, that is, cause the object to change its speed and/or direction.

What are the 3 ways can a unbalanced forces can cause an object to change?

what are the 3 ways can a unbalanced forces can cause an object to change

What would cause an object to have smaller acceleration?

increasing the mass of the object, keeping the net force constant

An unbalanced force can cause an object to change its speed andor .?

The object will speed up, slow down or change direction. An unbalanced force (net force) acting on an object changes its speed and/or direction of motion. ... If however, the forces are balanced (in equilibrium) and there is no net force, the object will not accelerate and the velocity will remain constant.

Can an object be accelerated without speeding up or slowing down Explain?

yes, rotation of a body with constant speed. There will be an acceleration cause of continuous directional change.

What three changes can each cause an object to accelerate?

Three objects that can cause an object to accelerate is, increasing speed, decreasing speed, & changing direction.-Ms. Stroes/Chibudu's Science Class! :)

What cause an object to be accelerating in a straight line?

A constant force in the direction of the line

What would cause the mass of an object to change?

Increasing the density and/or the amount of the substance of an object will cause the mass to change

What can cause an object to change direction?

You can hit it to change direction

Does it take an increasing force to cause an increasing speed?

Yes. It is one of the laws of motion (the second law) that says that an object in motion will not change its motion unless acted on by and outside force. You'll have to add more foce to cause the object to speed up. Correction: No. The key word in the question is "increasing." A constant force will cause a constant rate of acceleration. Increasing force will cause an increasing rate of acceleration.

Why is an object traveling at a constant speed but turning left said to be accelerating?

Acceleration is not a change in speed, but a change in velocity. Velocity is, unlike speed, a vector, and so as the direction of velocity changes there must be an acceleration to cause that change.

What force causes to change an objects shape?

Pressure could cause objects to deform.

Does the force of gravity decrease as the mass of objects increase?

No, the force of gravity increases as the mass of the object increases. force of gravity is a constant 9.8 meters/second^2 Terminal velocity will cause heavier objects to fall faster than lighter objects depending on their relative effective densities and shapes.

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