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Density is equal to mass divided by volume (d= m/v). So m= 250 g and v = 125 cm cubed (cm3), there fore density is 2 g/cm3.

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Q: If an object has mass of 250g and volume of 125 cm time 3 what is the desity?
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How can the desity of an object be determined?

Not sure about desity. If you meant density, it is mass/volume.

How do you calculate the desity of an object?

Mass divided by volume

Why does changing the shape of an object have no effect on the desity of that object?

Because desity is defined as (mass) divided by (volume), and neither of those quantities depends on the object's shape.

Can you have the same volume but a different mass?

different desity

What is at is the formula for volume and density?

for volume it is width times hight times length for desity it is mass divided by volume

If a rock sample has a mass of 250g and a volume of 45 cm3 show the calculation for the density of the rock sample?

density = mass/volume = 250g/45cm3 = 5.6g/cm3 (rounded to 2 sig figs)

What is the desity if an object with a mass of 300 kilograms and a volume of 15 cubic meters?

Density = 300/15 kilograms per cubic meter = 20 kilograms per cubic meter

How would you calculate the density of an object?

Density is the ratio of mass to volume. Thus, the density of an object is the mass of the object divided by its volume.

If you divide the mass of an object and the volume what do you get?

Mass divided by volume gives the density of an object.

What is Mass volume?

An object's mass divided by its volume gives you a measure of the object's density.

How do you find the density of an object?

Mass divided by volume Ex. Mass: 12 Volume:3 Density:4 g/cm Hope this helps!

How do you find the mass of an object when you are given the volume and density of the object?

You can find the mass of the object by multiplying volume and density.