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If an unemployment hearing decision in employee's favor are benefits retroactive?

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2008-01-31 05:30:48

Yes, as long as you continued to call in your claim each week

you were unemployed. Even if you were originally denied, filed an

appeal and had your hearing; resulting in an overturn of the

original decision, you will collect all weeks you were unemployed

except for the one week waiting period which starts the week you

actually filed your claim. If you happened to be employed at the

date of your hearing, it doesn't matter. You will be able to

collect all the weeks you were unemployed (minus 1 week). Also, if

your hearing ends up being denied, you still have the option to

appeal to the Board. You need to be very thorough with your

documentation, as you will not get another hearing. The Board of

Appeal's committee makes the final decision after reviewing your

documents and the tape recorded session from your hearing.

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