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If the driver is not licensed, but he or the family owner is with a up to date policy, it's doesn't matter, the insurance company should be liable. There is damamge on your vehicle and from the other vehicle, and you have a police report and hope that you have a case number when the report was made at the scene, you should not have a problem. Same situation happened to me, now the police would like to talk to the guy so they can arrest him for failure to give information an other things. Here's the catch, if you are the only one who seen him drive and hit your vehicle, chances the police have little to go on and he gets away, but if you have a witness, chances are good to lock him up! The reason why he fled was he was drunk or have been drinking or drugs. Now of course he had no license too! Your insurance will see to your vehicle in getting fix, in the mean time do your own investigation about getting that guy info and you will be fast than the cops!! Keo

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Q: If an unlicensed driver rear ended you and fled but you got his licence plate and made a police report but ins co says there is little they can do to have the guy admit fault is he going to get away?
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Is an unlicensed driver automatically at fault?

An unlicensed driver will probably get cited for not having a license and may even get their car impounded, but is not automatically at fault. The person that the police and insurance company determine caused the accident would be at fault.

Who is liable when unlicensed driver borrows truck to go 1 mile and truck is found totaled 10 miles away 4 hours later?

If the owner of the truck allowed an unlicensed driver to take the truck, then the owner is responsible - even if the driver lied about where he was going. If the unlicensed driver just took the truck, then a police report would need to be filed and charges pressed against that person - he can be sued for damages.

What happens if someone unlicsensed but a cosigner drives my car?

It's illegal to drive without a driver's license, so if they get caught, they could be arrested. Your insurance may not cover the car if you allow an unlicensed driver to drive it, so if there's an accident, you will probably have to pay for it. Basically, don't let an unlicensed driver drive your car, even if they are the co-signer.

Why is it important for an adult to have an driver's license?

if you dont have one then the police will give you a ticket. a driver's licence is like a ticket thet you can use so that you can drive.

How do you get your truck out of impound when your friend with no driver licence took it with out your consent and the police impounded it?

You go and pay the impound fees.

Is an unlicensed driver crashes a vehicle that is insured what happens?

Technically, the insurance company should cover the costs of the other vehicle. If the unlicensed driver took the vehicle without permission, the owner may even be able to collect on the collision insurance to cover part of their expenses, but if he/she does that he/she will probably have to show a police report that the unlicensed driver took the vehicle without permission and that it was technically, automobile theft. On the other hand, the insurance costs for the owner may to up dramatically whether the owner gave permission or not. It all depends on the insurance company and how they view the circumstances. The unlicensed driver may not be allowed to get a drivers license for several years, depending on state laws.

Can you teach your daughter how to drive without a permit?

yes, as long as she is driving on private property, i.e. a parking lot, then the police cannot ticket a unlicensed driver.. they are typically not inclined to ticket an unlicesed driver in any case, as long as they are in the car with a licensed driver.

What happens if an uninsured unlicensed driver is driving your uninsured car and has an accident?

Bad things, will mostly likely get a few citation from police. If he is found to be at fault he could be liable for the damage.

Who is responsible for an unlicensed driver driving another person vehicle involved in an accident?

The unlicensed driver is responsible for all damages. If they are a minor the parents may be forced to take responsibility. Sadly, the owner of the vehicle MUST make any insurance claims they are eligible to make. The owner can ask the unlicensed driver to pay any excess on the insurance and even take them to court if they refuse to pay it. The driver of the vehicle is responsible to pay any amounts not covered by the vehicles owners insurance, including damages to the car. If the insurance premium goes up or you loose your no claim bonus then I'm sorry but the driver is not liable for that. If the unlicensed driver drove the vehicle without permission from the vehicle owner then the vehicle owner must report that the car was stolen at the time of the accident, then provide the insurance company with the police report number (you can tell the police you don't want to press charges). Under these circumstances even if the insurance company pays out damages for the vehicle they may chase the unlicensed driver to pay them back.

Why do the police stop and fine speeding drivers?

because police have rights to stop and fine the driver who is over speeding. Its a matter of safety for yourself and others, they can fine driver for this offence. Police can suspend your licence on the spot if you are driving more than 45 km over the limit

Why did the police harass the miners?

Easy! The police harassed the miners because alot of miners didn't have a licence so if a prospector (digger, miner) didn't have a licence the police could fine them or even arrest them

What is a police academy license?

This is a standardised licence which shows that a police officer has been appropriately trained in the various aspects of his/her role. The licence can only be obtained following rigorous training and tests.

Where to get a licence for a monkey?

I have tracked your IP address the police are on there way

Is an unlicensed driver automatically at fault in an auto accident in Washington state?

No. Just the fact of being unlicensed does not mean that the driver did something that caused the accident. Being unlicensed is what is called a non-moving violation. Another violation of this type may be not having a current registration tag on the vehicle. Just because you don't have a tag on your car doesn't automatically make you at fault for someone hitting your car. Fault for the accident will have to be determined by the police officers after they investigate the scene and take statements from witnesses. The person who is driving without a drivers license will get a ticket for not being licensed and then whoever was at fault will receive a violation for whatever they did to cause the accident.

If a police stops you on the freeway are they obligated to notify you of any police reports that come up with your licence plate number?

No they are not.

What kind of license does a police officer need?

They need to have full licence to drive their police cars around the road.

Who has a Right to carry a gun?

people with a licence police trusted people

How do you become a medical waste or nuclear waste truck driver?

I guess the main thing is to have a clean licence to drive that class of trucks, and to be of good character ie with no police history. Then apply to the company operating the facility.

By law do you have to carry drivers license in England?

You do not have to carry your licence (or any other form of ID) in England. However if the police ask you to, you must present your licence to a designated police station within a set time period.

Can a police office keep the driving license while giving citation?

Yes, Police / State Troopers / Federal Agents need to know who they are talking to. Your Drivers Licence is a form of identification recognised by Law. The information of that Licence is used by Police through the computer system to check who you are, what other names you are known by, and if Police have outstanding warrants out on you

How can you find the owner of a vehicle by their licence plate?

If you are a police officer then watch it on your computer!

How do you get a liquor license in Barbados?

you would go to the police stations to get a liquor licence

Who is responsible for vehicle to be insured Is it the owner or the person who drives the car?

Owner has to insure the car, the driver has to have a licence to operate it along with insurance, some places have separate insurance from licences, but generally the owner plates it which comes with a certain level of insurance and the driver may have a licence but no insurance, so ultimately it is the drivers responsibility to check that the car is legal to drive, if the police stop you, it will be your job to explain whether the car is properly licenced or not

If you live in Louisiana on the police accident report is driver 1 or driver 2 typically at fault?

The police arbitrarily chooses which car is considered Driver one and Driver two. You have to read the report to determine who is at fault.

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