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A figure with four right angles is called a rectangle. A specific type of rectangle in which all the sides are of equal length is called a square.

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A parallelogram with 4 right angles with different lenths and widths?

A parallelogram is a figure with different lengths and widths(also called breadth) where opposite sides and opposite angles are equal. But the angles are not 900 each. In fact, no angle in a parallelogram is a right angle as presence of 1 right angle proves all the angles to be right angles. A parallelogram with 4 right angles is called as a ''rectangle''

Does a tetrahedron have a right right angles?

It can have a right angle, or more than one right angle, but it also is possible that it does not have any right angles.

What shapes have right angles in?

A square and a rectangle have 4 interior right angles also a right angle triangle has 1 right angle of 90 degrees

Some triangles can have more than one right angle?

It can have multiple right angles and also be purely of right angles

When a ray splits an angle in half what is it called?

a bisector splits an angle into to congruent angles(also called an angle bisector)

What angles are formed by two right angles?

180 degreesAlso known as a straight angle.

What two angle make a right angle?

Any two angles that total 90 degrees will make up a right angle. Two 45 degree angles will make a right angle - 90 degrees. Also an angle of 30 degrees and another angle of 60 degrees will make up a right angle.

What triangle has one right angle and two sides the same length?

An isoceles triangle has two angles that are the same length with the third being different. It can be a right angle or another angle. or it's also called a Right Isosceles triangle.

Can you draw a quadrilateral that has three right angles?

The sum of the interior angles of a quadrilateral is 360 degrees. If three of the angles are right angles, that is, of 90 degrees each, the the fourth must be 90 degrees. So you can have a quadrilateral with three right angles but its fourth angle will also be a right angle. So exactly 3 right angles is not possible.

What shape has 90 degrees angle?

Many shapes have a right angles. For example, a right angled triangle, square or rectangle all contain at least one right angle. Trapeziums may also contain right angles. Any irregular polygon may also contain a right angle.

Do qaudrilaterals have 3 right angles?

Quadrilaterals are polygons having four sides. Quadrilaterals may have 1, 2, or 4 right angles. It is impossible for a quadrilateral to have exactly 3 right angles because the fourth angle would also be a right angle.

Is it true if a right angle is broken up into two new angles these two new angles are also right angles?

No, 90 degrees cannot be split into two 90 degree segments. When an angle is split, both new angles must be less than the original angle.

What are two lines that meet at a right angle?

Two lines that meet at a right angle are called perpendicular.Two lines that meet at a right angle are also called normal.Two lines that meet at a right angle are also called orthogonal.

Can a parallelogram have an straight angle?

Yes, they can also have right, acute, and obtuse angles.

What is a 90 degrees angle called?

A 90 degrees angle can also be called a right angle

Does a paraollelagram have a obtuse angle?

Sometimes it has an obtuse angle. If it is just a parallelogram or a rhombus, then it has two obtuse angles.\. If it is also a rectangle or a square, then it has four right angles.

Can an isosceles triangle also be a right triangle?

Yes as long as the right angle is not the repeated angle. You would have the angles 90°, 45° and 45°

What angle is supplementary to a right angle?

Definition of a supplementary angle: an angle that is supplementary to another angle is an angle in which the sum of both angles forms a straight line or 180 degrees.Definition of a right angle: an angle whose measure is 90 degrees.Using these terms, let's put them into an equation.Right angle + Supplementary angle = 180.90 + Supplementary angle = 180.Subtract 90 from both sides.Supplementary angle = 180 - 90Supplementary angle = 90 degrees.Alternatively, you can think that two right angles are equivalent to a straight line and that all right angles are congruent and therefore; their supplementary angles are also congruent.

Is it possible to have a trapezoid with three right angles?

Nope. A trapezoid has 4 sides, but only 2 of the sides are parallel. If there were 3 right angles, the 4th angle would also have to be a right angle, and both opposing sides would be parallel.

Does a rhombus have any right angles?

It doesn't have to, but it can. If it has one right angle, then it has four of them, and it's also a square.

What is used to draw right angles?

I generally use a pencil and ruler. To construct the right angle to draw it I also use compasses. To measure the right angle to draw it I also use a protractor.

Do all triangles have two acute angles?

INCORRECT: No because there is a obtuse triangle and a right triangleCORRECT ANSWERYes all triangles have at least two acute angles. Obtuse triangles and right triangles also have at least two acute angles. They are called obtuse triangles and right triangles because by definition they are triangles with ONE obtuse angle and ONE right angle. So therefore they both have 2 acute angles. Also for an acute triangle, it would have 3 acute angles.

What is an angle that forms a square corner?

right...Each corner of a square is called a "right angle" and measures 90 degrees with a protractor.a 90o angle, also called a right angle

The sides of a right triangle are also called legs?

The sides that form the right angle are called legs. The side opposite the right angle is called the hypotenuse.

What is the name of a quadrilateral with no right angles?

Rhombus and a trapezoid A trapezoid may have a right angle and a square is also a rhombus, so the kite is the only quadrilateral that can't have a right angle.

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