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The cellular system keeps track of all cell phones at all times, and is always ready to route a call to the correct cell tower to complete a call. When the user moves the phone through a geographical area, the phone will "hand off" from one tower to another as necessary, and the system keeps track of all that movement. If the system needs to complete a call to a phone, it will send a short burst of information through the tower to the phone to verify that the phone is present and ready to acceprt a call. If the phone has been turned off, or has malfunctioned, it will presumably not respond to the query. The system will then send a message of some kind to the caller, sometimes offering to take a voice message or otherwise informing him or her that the user they have attempted to call is not available.

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Q: If any calls comes to your mobile you should know but for them not reacheble message has to come rather than ringing tone how?
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