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Because Astrology isn't valid! It is fake and often a scam to get money.

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It's because the sun sign isn't all there is in Astrology. There's also e.g. moon sign, ascendant, aspects, houses, etc. In fact, all 12 signs affect a person. The sun sign just affects the most (shines through), then ascendant and moon sign.

Astrology is too complex for even a skilled astrologer to pin down every person 100% accurately in a short time span. Astrology is based on various influences, which are calculated mathematically for each person. There are fakes out there, and those are the ones that give astrology a bad name. But to say that every astrologer is fake or that astrology itself is totally invalid is like saying that plate tectonics is totally invalid, that Psychology is invalid, or that people who study other sciences that can't be proven (such as those who devote themselves to finding evidence of life in other planets, evidence of galaxies, people who theorize evolution, etc) are totally invalid. There are fakes in every profession. There are people out for money everywhere. There are fake politicians, fake doctors, fake entertainers, fake lawyers. But that doesn't mean that any of these subjects are discredited. It is ignorant to presume that astrology itself is fake when one has not studied the subject himself.

2016-01-06 23:40:13
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Q: If astrology is so valid why don't these astrologer fakes guess your personality right?
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