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It can't be reversed, but if it is dismissed without prejudice, you can refile a chapter 13 six months from the dismissal date. The best option is to meet with the trustee to discuss the problems with the schedule that the person now has to see if it can be modified.

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Q: If behind on Chapter 13 payments can a dismissal be prevented or reversed if payment is made for past due amount?
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Can you ask for a voluntary dismissal if your chapter 13 trustee has already asked for a dismissal for missed payments?


Chapter 13 bankruptcy be dissimisal?

You can get a Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal by asking your lawyer to ask the trustee for a dismissal. If you are having trouble making the payments, you can ask for you bankruptcy to be modified.

How soon can you file bankruptcy after a voluntary dismissal of a chapter 13?

is it safe to file for voluntary dismissal of chapter 13 bankruptcy

Can a collector collect on a judgment after dismissal of a Chapter 13?

Dismissal yes, Discharge, probably not.

If you voluntarily have a chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed will your creditors be notified of the dismissal?

Yes. If you voluntarily have a chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissed, your creditors will be notified of the dismissal.

How do you file a voluntary dismissal of a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You can have your Chapter 7 claim dismissed as long as the dismissal will not harm your creditors. This is filed with the court in much the same way as when you initially filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy

In South Carolina when can a chapter 7 bankruptcy be filed after a chapter 13 has been dismissed?

Two years after the date of the chapter 13 dismissal.

Can you file for a voluntary dismissal of a chapter 7 bankruptcy in California?


Can a creditor or government agency automatically demand payment after a chapter 13 dismissal?


What is the difference between a chapter 11 bankruptcy voluntary dismissal and a chapter 11 bankruptcy dismissal via consent order?

There really isn't much difference in these cases. The difference is just one of how they were filed. Both are voluntary dismissals.

How do you file a chapter 13 voluntary dismissal in Maryland?

There is paperwork to fill out and a judge has to approve the dismissal. You can submit it to the trustee or judge in charge of your bankruptcy. If you have an attorney, the attorney can do this for you.

What happens to payments made to creditors during a Chapter 13 payment plan if you file for dismissal?

What do you think happens? The creditors have the money. They have to apply it to your debt balance, which will increase dramatically because they get to charge you for all the late fees, penalties and interest, not to mention any legal fees, that they could not add while you were in bankruptcy. I hope the dismissal was worth it.

Will a request for a voluntary dismissal of a chapter 13 appear on the person's credit report?


What if your chapter 13 case is dismissed because you are behind on payments?

If the Court dismissed your Chapter 13 for failure to make the plan payments, it is as if you never filed for bankruptcy. However, there is one important exception. If you refile for bankruptcy within one year of the dismissal, the automatic stay will expire within 30 days unless you file a motion to extend the stay and prove to the satisfaction of the Court that the current filing is in good faith.

Will you lose your house if you file for bankrupcy?

It depends if it is a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13. If a Chapter 7 and you liquidate all your assets, then yes you will lose your home. If a Chapter 13, you can catch up the payments if you can afford it and include the past due payments in the Chapter 13. Good luck.

How long will a dismissed chapter 13 be on your credit file?

Seven (7) years from the date of dismissal.

If your bankruptcy was dismissed due to failure to pay installments on time can you motion to reopen the same case even if the creditors continued to charge interestlate fees past the dismissal date?

You will need to file a new Chapter 13 bankruptcy, propose a new Chapter 13 repayment palnt and demonstrated to the Court's satisfaction that you have the ability to pay the plan payments.

How soon will a Chapter 13 voluntary dismissal request become effective?

The dismissal should be entered and the case dismissed within a few days of the time that you or your attorney submit it for filing with the bankruptcy court.

What happens if you are late on chapter 13 payments in the state of Georgia?

If you are late on a chapter 13 payment you are at risk of having your case dsmissed. Please try to make payments on time and make payments up if you missed any due to a miscommunication.

How can anyone afford to pay back a chapter 13 the payments are outrageous?

All chapter 13 payments are scrutinized for ability to pay. If the plan payments were outrageous, it is highly unlikely that the court would approve a plan that a debtor would be unable to pay.

Can you include your mortgage payment in chapter 13?

Back payments yes, forward payments must be kept current.

Can a chapter 13 dissimissal be appealed?

A Chapter 13 dismissal can be appealed. The US Bankruptcy Court can be appealed to. The process may take up to two years for resolution.

What chapter should you file if you are behind on your mortgage?

only in chapter 13, you cannot use chapter 7 to catch up on past payments.

How do you restore credit after chapter 13?

Make payments on time

Should you be present at hearing for chapter 7 dismissal?

Yes -- you must be in that it can be petitioned and you need to be able to answer the court's questions.