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He essentially give up everything. The child is no longer his legally. He has no responsibilities toward the child and has no visitation rights.

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Can a father have his name added to a child's birth certificate if the mother agrees?

A child's biological father can have his name added to a child's birth certificate regardless of whether or not the mother agrees to it. If the biological father voluntarily relinquishes his parental rights and the child is legally adopted by another man, his name can be added to the birth certificate in place of the biological father.

Can a child at age 14 decide if he wants to be adopted by his stepfather?

If his biological father gives up his parental rights, yes then he can if he wants and if the judge agrees.

Can your daughter live with ex husband if she is not his biological daughter?

If he has adopted her then he is her father and has all of the biological fathers rights transferred to him at adoption. If adopted yes

Can a biological child lose her rights to be consider on father estate if she was adopted?

Yes, adoption terminates the parent child relationship of the biological father, so unless the biological father had a will, the child is not legally his child.

Can you adopt your step daughter?

If the biological father relinquishes his parental rights and the court agrees and allows the adoption to proceed.

When mother has full custody of a child what are the rights of the stepfather vs the natural father?

If the "step-father" has adopted the child, then the step father has all the rights that are normally afforded to a biological parent. If the "step-father" never adopted the child, he has no more rights legally then someone walking in off the street.

My husband is not my daughters biological father yet his name is on her birth cert and we are now getting divorced What rights does he have to my daughter?

He would have all of the rights that a biological father has. If he was not the biological father, then his name should not have been put on the birth certificate in the first place, unless he adopted her and the birth certificate was changed.

Does an adopted parent have to give biological parents visitations rights?

No. When a child has been legally adopted the parental rights of the biological parents have been terminated and they have no rights regarding the child.

If a biological father of an adopted child wants rights when he was never there for the child even before the birth?

Adoption means the legal father of the child is not the biological father. By giving up the child for adoption the father gave up all rights pertaining to the child. In court the adoptive parent will be the victor.

Does a father owe child support if child adopted by another?

In most adoptions, the rights/responsibilities of the biological parents are terminated.

What is the difference between an adoptive father and a stepfather?

An adoptive father is your legal guardian and is your father. A step father is a man who marries your mother. He does not have to adopt you and cannot unless your biological father agrees to give up his rights as a parent.

Can child be adopted without biological fathers consent?

Yes, if a court terminates the biological father's parental rights on the grounds that he is an unfit parent, or the biological father fails to appear for hearings on the matter.

If you are adopted should your adoptive or biological father sign your wedding certificate?

If you are adopted, your biological father has no legal standing. And there is no requirement that any parent sign a wedding certificate. If you are underage, you may need signatures to obtain the marriage license and it would be the adoptive parent that would have to sign.

Should a custodial mother file a child support modification when her child was legally adopted?

Who legally adopted the child?If the mother's new husband legally adopted the child, then the biological father's parental rights had to be terminated first. Which means that the biological father is NOT obligated to pay child support anymore. The new adoptive father has taken on all rights and responsibilities for the child.

Is a father relieved of his financial obligations if he signs his rights away and the child is adopted by someone else?

Yes, the courts want to see that a father has taken finical responsibility for a child and if the biological father has forfeited his rights through adoption, the adoptive father is now the responsible party, NOT the biological father through the eyes of the court.

When the father passes away and he has adult biological and adopted kids who has the most rights to the fathers' estate?

Generally, biological and legally adopted children have equal rights of inheritance in most jurisdictions. You can check the law in your state at the related question link.Generally, biological and legally adopted children have equal rights of inheritance in most jurisdictions. You can check the law in your state at the related question link.Generally, biological and legally adopted children have equal rights of inheritance in most jurisdictions. You can check the law in your state at the related question link.Generally, biological and legally adopted children have equal rights of inheritance in most jurisdictions. You can check the law in your state at the related question link.

If you died would your son be taken away from his step father and step brother and returned to his biological father seeing as legally he is not my husband's baby or does marriage bring rights?

Marriage by itself does not bring custody rights to non-biological children. Where the children go when the biological mother dies depends on who has custody, whether the non-biological father has adopted the child, whether the biological father wants the child, and on the laws of the state where all of this is happening.

Do adopted children have the same rights as biological children?

Yes. They Do. An adoptee has the same legal rights as if they were biological child in a court of law.

If a biological father is not determined and the child is adopted by another man through the court can paternity be determined at 6 years of age and would the biological father have any rights left?

By Canadian Law if the mother of the child purposely did not contact the biological father and she married and her husband adopted the child and the biological father found out then yes, he can take you to court. If he can prove he's reliable, holds down a good job, is not into drugs and contributes to society then yes, he can have some rights. It will take a court of law and two lawyers to fight this one. The bottom line is ... "What is good for the child?"

After a child is legally adopted by his stepfather can a biological father claim any rights to the child?

A child can only have two legal guardians, meaning the biological father would have to either give up his rights voluntarily or lose them through the court system in order for the stepfather to adopt the child.

Can an adopted child contest a will made out to biological heirs?

Legally a adopted child has the same rights as a biological child when it comes to inheritance so yes.

What are the Rights of a non biological father?

Generally, a "non-biological" parent only has rights if there was a legal adoption.

How can you go about having your daughter being adopted by your husband if the biological father cannot be located to sign over his rights?

it depends on the state and how long the biological father has been gone. It is never a bad idea to petition the court to see what happens.

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