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If both are in jail can they still get married and how would they do that?


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yes b/c all they have to do is have them put the ring on each other but they wouldn't be married leagaly


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No, that would be bigamy, and it's illegal (as in you can go to jail for it).

The second marriage does not count, in any state. So, no, it is not legal in Vegas. If you married a second time while still legally married to another, you have committed a crime. It is called Bigamy and you are subject to fines, jail or both. You IS in a whole lot of trouble.

you can't get married in jail

Any married person has the option of filing as "Married filing separately" which requires no reporting or signature of the spouse. You can also still file as "Married filing jointly" if you both wish to do so as long as you can get the spouse's signature.

yes she did for marrining john smith while still married to Kocoum

if someone is being held for another state and to be extradited, do they still have jail privileges, and do they have three meals a day.?

I'm sorry if this is kind of rude, but if you get married in jail not a lot of people would come. And you could get killed in there you never know

Yes, you can get married in the cook county jail the detainee must get a marriage paper he will be required to mail a letter stating he wants to get married to who he wants to get married to and both of y'all information must be on the letter so that they may contact both of y'all when the get a date. In the cook county jail I think they only do marriages once a year usually around the month of may but usually before August

You could. It is against the law to apply for a marriage license and lie about still being married.

yea she is still in jail

The investigation is still going on, then there would have to be a trial but no guarantee he will go to jail.

No he is still in jail

No, they're still not married I don't even think their engaged.

Jail is both a noun and a verb. You can jail someone in a jail.

Yes, Plaxico Burress is still in jail.

No she is still in jail

adultery = one or both persoms are married to other people.You don't go to jail for adultery. It's not a criminal offense. You could get beat up by a spouse or sued if you're rich.Answer:California, no. It used to be, and in 20+ states it still is, with fines/jail time of $500/30 days in jail up to $10,000/3.5 years in jail. The idea is that since marriage is a contract, adultery is breach of that contract.

How can I get married to my boyfriend in Susanvill State Prison

no if they still do the priminister of Egypt would of found out by now and they would probably be in jail by now so the answer to that would by no

She is not in jail. She is dead.

if they are on jail they are still outside.

I don't know I think she was in jail and got arrested again sO I think she is still in jail

It is always possible to sue for divorce, even if your husband is in jail. If he has turned out to be a criminal, and you didn't know that when you married him, you could certainly argue that he married you under false pretences. I believe that the court would be sympathetic.

Your right to file for divorce is not altered by where you were married.

Yes she is still in Jail. Yolanda Saldivar is serving life in jail with the possibility of parole in 2025.

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