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CALL the lender. they are the ones who can let you "come out" of the loan.

2015-07-15 19:13:50
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What will happen if you have a bank loan and your visa expires requiring you to leave the country?

Regardless of your legal status within a particular country, if you have a loan in that country, you are still required to pay what is owed and may need to do so in full prior to leaving (unless the loan is one guaranteed by the government).

Who bought out American Savings and Loan?

world saving and loan

Was fidelity federal bank bought out?

was fidelity federal loan and trust bought out

Can a payday loan company sue you for an unpaid loan if you leave the country?

Yes, you DO owe the money, don't you? They are certainly within their rights to ask the courts for that money. Leaving the country to avoid that debt could even be called an attempt to defraud.

Where can one get a country wide home loan?

A home loan from Countrywide is no longer available. The mortgage service company was bought out by Bank of America in January of 2008. All of the existing Countrywide loans were then transferred to Bank of America.

What is a non purchase money loan?

A purchase money loan is a loan usually used to buy a home. A non purchase money loan is a loan for other reasons where the lender does not know what is being bought.

What happens if you don't pay your personal loan in India and leave the country?

The financial institution in which you applied the loan will make a follow up on you ensuring that the loan is paid back,possibly even your visa passport will be terminated, if you have any other query related to personal loans then visit

Who bought out western savings and loan?

Great American Bank

Who bought First Atlantic Savings and Loan?


Who bought Vintage Savings and Loan?

Nathan harris did boi

Who is Payday Loans?

payday loan yes was a payday loan company that was bought out by Spotya there now at

Can you leave Bahrain even if you have unpaid loan?


Are home loans worth considering if you are going to leave the country?

If you're leaving the country permantently, there's no point in getting a home loan and lenders may suspect you're attempting fraud. If you want to continue to pay off the loan and keep the house, then it's worthwhile.

If you bought a car six days ago and regret the decision is there any way you can get out of the loan?

NOT because you have "buyers remorse". Maybe you can find somehow that Drivetime has breached the contract(unlikely).

Bought a car out of state but loan is with your bank Who receives the title?

The bank receives the title until the loan is paid. If the loan is paid off then you receive the title.

How do you calculate the dollar cost of a loan When the loan is 14500 for 20 days with an annual rate of 12?

Dollar cost of loan = Amount borrowed x interest rate x (days loan is outstanding ? days in the year (360)) 14.500 * 12%*(20 / 360) = 96.67

Can you get an emerald advance if on sick leave?

Can u get emerald advance loan if on sick leave

You bought a car the loan is in your name the car is in your wifes name?


Who bought out bell federal savings and loan?

Standard Federal of Michigan

Who bought First Federal Savings and Loan of Jacksonville?

1989, Southeast Bank bought First Federal of Jax. Southeast was later bought out by another bank

What happens to your 401k if you have a loan against it and leave your job?

Typically, you have to pay the entire balance of the loan back.

What are the cosigner's options if the primary defaults on the loan and leaves the country?

To pay the loan.

If you are leaving the country will your credit card debt follow you?

Credit card debt is unsecured loan and it charges higher interest because of the risk people not paying their loan. If you decide to leave the country, then they probably will sell your debt to an collection agency either in your original country or to your new country, but then, the only ( THE ONLY ) thing they can do is just sending you letters asking you to pay for the debt Nothing else.

What if you leave Dubai and leave your unpaid personal loan what will happen to you?

nothing you will be ban for 1 yr from police catch only if you have more than 1M dirhams loan.

Which country has highest loan?