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fuel pump bad or cloged filter...if it just did it all of a sudden i would say fuel pump

2006-07-31 03:44:23
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What makes a 2001 Chevy Monte Carlo ls just all of the sudden start spitting and sputtering until you get over a certain rpm and the check engine light comes on?

I have a 2001 Monte Carlo and mine started sputtering. It took me about a month to fix it but all I needed was a tune up....but all I did basically is change the spark plugs and wires out and now it runs great

What would make your engine run rough when it is first started up and then all of a sudden it snaps out of it and runs smooth again?

02 Sensor!!!!

Why does my girlfriend started generate heat all of a sudden?

Your girlfriend has started generated heat all of a sudden because she is either having a fever or she is tensed and nervous.

What does the phrase a gleam in the eye mean?

WOW: There are about 2 meanings that are most common: "a sudden expression of an emotion in your eye" and "something that is thought about or planned but not yet started."

What are the common symptoms of SIDS?

Sudden death. That's why they call it sudden infant death syndrome.

Your Saturn SC2 coupe has lost all power and will not start?

Start with a compression test. Head gaskets fail when an engine overheats and that's a common cause of sudden engine failure. It doesn't always mean that the engine has to have overheated RECENTLY; sometimes it has to be run for a while.

What is the term to the sudden failure of the computers that needs to be started?

Computer has Crashed

Your 94 Subaru legacy just all of a sudden started losing power at low rpms?

clean maf/throttle body with approved cleaner check engine codes fuel filter

Could ignition cause sudden engine failure?

Ignition is required for an engine to work. Failure of ignition would prevent the engine working.

Is sudden an abstract noun?

The word 'sudden' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun.The use of the word 'sudden' in the term 'all of a sudden' is functioning as a noun, an abstract noun, a word for a concept. Dictionaries refer to the word 'sudden' as a noun as obsolete, but the term 'all of a sudden' is still in common use.

What do these words have in common sudden pillow better happy common?

two syllables, double letters

The engine will run and all of a sudden it smothers out?

Need to check the EGR VALVE.

What are symptoms of a bad throttle control sensor?

Your check engine light will be on and you will feel bucking or jerking while you are accelerating. You will also have an idle surging, sudden stalling of the engine, and a sudden surge in speed while driving on the highway.

Why sudden cracking noise started from your bones?

Drink proper amount of water each day

Why has your 98 Navigator started losing mpgs all of a sudden?

When was the last time your service vehicle.

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What are common causes of transient voltage?

Sudden starting of large inductive loads..

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96 gmc jimmy 4x4 you were driving and all of sudden the engine stopped-you turn the key it started-after a few miles the engine stopped-this happen 5 or more times-you just parked-what could cause thi?

Maybe a bad catalytic converter

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Why won't a 2001Sephia move forward or backward all of a sudden?

The engine mite hav some problems

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