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If car still overheats after changing the thermostat the water pump the headgaskets and the radiator what else would cause it to overheat?

From what you describe it sounds like you might have an air lock in your cooling system. I would recommend that you bleed any and all air out of the cooling system. The bleeder valve is located on top of the engine. Once engine starts to overheat or when you can hear bubbling back into the overflow bottle, turn car off and open bleeder valve. If you see bubbling you have air in your system. Bleed the system a couple of times and see if this helps.


if it still overheats after that like my BMW 318 does you could be looking at a crack in the engine as i think that's my next option

but also check or renew your heater matrix and temp sensors and use a rad leak in your rad even though its a new one as the leak could be in the engine so might seal it

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Q: If car still overheats after changing the thermostat the water pump the headgaskets and the radiator what else would cause it to overheat?
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What causes a 1997 Honda Civic to overheat if the heater is not on?

generally if an engine overheats, but then does not overheat when heater is turned on, is a good indication that the engine thermostat is stuck and needs replacing

Why does my 1995 Toyota tacoma overheat I replaced the water pump and I still only get about 8 miles and it overheats?

Try replacing the thermostat.

Why would a van overheat after changing the thermostat and water pump?

Assuming it did not overheat before you replaced thermostat and water pump you may have installed the thermostat backwards. It is also possible the cooling system wasn't refilled properly and was air bound.

2000 transam that overheats when you turn the ac on you have replaced the thermostat and water pump you have also flushed the radiator 3 times and checked the air dam nothing worked it still overheats?

check your fan clutch if its weak it will overheat

Why does your 97 Avalon overheat new water pump new radiator new thermostat after 3 or 4 days it overheats when ac is on?

you need to burp the cooling system

Why does your 1990 Lexus es250 overheat and upper hose gets really hot and inflated?

replace upper radiator hose and install a new thermostat. see what happens. or turn it on without the thermostat for a while and see if it still overheats.

When you Replaced the thermostat in 98 deville with a 4.6 and it still overheats any suggestions?

theyre maybe an air bubble in the block causing it to overheat,or it could also be a bad water pump

What causes a 1997 Plymouth Voyager to overheat after changing the thermosthat when it does not lose any coolant?

The thermostat may be installed backwards

What could cause 4.6northstar engine to overheat even after changing the water pump thermostat radiator cap?

You have a blown head gasket.

Van overheats in warm weather seems ok when outside trmp is below 70 deg?

Check if the thermostat is working properly. See if the top of the radiator is very hot when the motor starts to overheat, if it isn't hot then chuck out the thermostat or better still replace it.

Will a bad thermostat temp sensor cause a 1997 Plymouth grand voyager to overheat?

A bad thermostat can cause an overheat. A bad temp sensor can show an overheat when the temperature is normal.

Why does your 1995 Subaru legacy overheat?

Mine was caused by a blown head gasket. Could be a defective thermostat or a plugged radiator too. Would need more detail about when it overheats and how you know it is overheating to give a better answer.

What can cause your 2001 Chevy Malibu to overheat?

if the pump and thermostat have been replaced on a 2001 malibu and it overheats and the heat doesnt work now but the air does. do it need bleeding still , will air in the line still cause that problem...

99 subaru outback when you drive 60 mph or more all the coolant will flow the over flow tank and then car starts over heat If leave the car idle never overheats you have replaced radiator and thermost?

you have a phase 1 ej25 engine with blown headgaskets...don't continue to overheat it...get it fixed pronto

Why does car overheat?

There could be many reasons. Not enough coolant or bad flow, faulty thermostat, low oil. If the coolant freezes then it will overheat. If your car continues to overheat then you should have the coolant flushed and thermostat replaced.

Why does a car overheat when there is still antifreeze in it?

Generally, if your car overheats with the proper level of antifreeze, either your water pump has gone bad (not circulating fluid), the thermostat is stuck, or your radiator is clogged up inside. -NAPAman

What causes my 1991 s10 to overheat after you have changed the thermostat?

You may have the thermostat in backwards. The spring side of the thermostat faces into the engine.

No leaks and thermostat changed 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse still overheats whats next?

There are several things that can cause your 1992 Mitsubishi Eclipse to overheat. A malfunctioning water pump or a blown head gasket should be the next things that are checked.

Your kia Rio overheats and blows out cold air you changed the thermostat But still have the problem?

You have not bleed the air out of the system after you installed the t-stat, causing the heater not to work and the engine to overheat. Use a coolant filler that screws into the radiator and get the air out

Will a bad thermostat make your car overheat?


Will engine overheat if thermostat is put in backwards?


Why does your 1994 Mercury Villager overheat with a new thermostat?

Either the thermostat was not the problem, or you put it in backwards.

What if your Honda Civic ex overheats and no heat in cabin?

why does my Honda civic overheat and doesn't heat at all

Why would your car overheat if you drove with emergency brake on and thermostat says hot after removing brake and cooling down?

thermostat is more than likely stuck shut from the overheat. Have to be changed.

Is it safe to drive car with failed thermostat?

No beaxause it can overheat and catch fire No beaxause it can overheat and catch fire

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