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Yes, although being a liquid it will expand and break the bottle

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โˆ™ 2008-02-28 17:30:35
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Q: If champagne is frozen - will it be drinkable when thawed?
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Are frozen foods heavier than thawed foods?

No. A frozen food item will have the same mass as when it is thawed.

Is it ok to eat food that has been frozen then thawed and frozen again?

is it ok to eat food that has been frozen, then thawed then refrozen? this is the question ,not the answer

Once vegetables are thawed how long can you wait to cook them?

Normally, frozen vegetables are not thawed first but are cooked from frozen.

Can you refreeze frozen shrimp after it has thawed?


How long can you keep thawed frozen fruit?

After frozen fruit is thawed, it can stay fresh in the fridge for about 3 days. After that it should be thrown out.

Can a frozen sweet potato pie be thawed and frozen again?


How do you defrost a frozen bottle of champagne?

don't freeze a bottle of champagne.

How do you know when something is thawed out?

When it is not longer frozen!

Can thawed vegetables be re frozen?


Can frozen raw hamburger be thawed then frozen again and cooked?

No, definitely and absolutely not! It's a recipe for food poisoning.If frozen meat has thawed you can freeze it again AFTERit has been properly cooked. When the cooked meat is thawed, it must not be frozen again. It is just too risky.

Why does breast milk shrink when frozen and expand when thawed?

Any liquid or solid shrinks when frozen; the molecules contract. Molecules expand when thawed.

What is a thawed state?

Thaw = to no longer be frozen Thawed state is the state an object is in when it no longer is frozen. (it might still be cold but should not have any frozen parts, even on the inside)

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