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  • Communication with the couple will get better in time. Many men do like women that are mysterious rather than just 'up front' taking all the fun out of 'the chase' of winning her over. Many women on the other hand don't always know what they want themselves and this is most confusing for most men.
  • I am a woman and I know how women feel. We drop hints because it's not the same after you communicate to your male partner. You say, 'Babe, can we please have a romantic dinner and a movie' and that takes away the fun of it because we have to ask. It's more fun if we are surprised.
  • I think this is a common complaint from men. I think women like the romance of mystery and indirectness. Maybe they expect men to be more sensitive to woman's body language or hints. Perhaps this gives women one more reason to complain about guys.
  • I think women love to complain. I think that's why women in general are nicknamed b-t--es.
  • Because a woman likes to have her man's attention and to know that he understands her as well as he does with non-living things in his life (like his car or his job). He can do this by listening to her over time and learning.
  • There is no real secret here. Men are uncomplicated beings and women are more emotional and complex humans. Example: A woman has a heated argument with her girlfriend and her husband and after the event takes place most women go on and on about that argument; be angry for hours to even days; may not be able to sleep because it bothers them, where men are angry for a brief time, forget about it, get on with life, go to bed and go to sleep on a general basis.
  • You don't have to be a mind reader, you have to know her enough to know what she means, like the various sound of a car. and Some men are complex, they just lay it out simple because other simple men don't get the hint.
  • While some men do seem completely clueless regarding women it has come to my attention that this "myth" of men being completely oblivious is working to a man's advantage. There is no difference in perception between the sexes rather the underlying myths that have been brought up by changes in society to explain and loosely demystify problems which have risen. Men aren't from Mars and women aren't from Venus but by categorizing the two as completely different entities it seemingly makes more sense why conflicts happen between men and women due to the fact that they are "alien" to one another. This way of thinking is rather illogical and perhaps furthers the gap between the sexes with such an overgeneralized view.
  • Not all women do that. I know a few that are direct about what they want. Men are worse about giving hints instead of just saying things than women are, (in general) so figure out why you guys do it, then maybe you'll be able to figure out why women are so complicated in your mind. We do to guys what they do to us, only we make it more obvious since most guys don't make the effort to listen to the wants of women.
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