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Possibly, but it is more likely to be the crime of embezzlement or the civil wrong of "conversion", meaning they have taken property with the intent to deprive you of its use permanently. You can sue to have it returned to you, or at least to have your partial ownership recorded on the title.

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Q: If cosigner pays off a loan and then has title put in their name and the other party has and will not return vehicle can the vehicle then be reported stolen?
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Can you report a car stolen if the person you loaned the vehicle to fails to return it?

it wouldn't be reported as a "stolen" vehicle unless they signed an agreement stating when they would return it. At most, it would be unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Best thing to do would be to send a certified, return receipt, restricted delivery letter to the person stating they have so many days to return it or it will be considered stolen. Also put in the letter that acceptance of the letter constitutes their agreement. Yes you can report your car stolen but only if you said return it by a certain time. If you failed to give a time period, then you cannot report it as stolen.

Can you use a reported stolen phone with wifi without activating it and not get tracked?

If you have a "stolen" phone, then return it or mail it back to the owner.

Can you reprot your car stolen after repros?

You cant report car stolen after being repoed, because the police have on file the vehicle as a repo. Once the vehicle is picked up it is reported so the authorities don't go out looking for a vehicle that hasn't been stolen.

Can the impound lot keep the items in your vehicle if your car was reported stolen?

No.Another View: The police may retain any items found in the car pending proof that they actually are your property.REMEMBER: The car was reported stolen... and then it was recovered and impounded. The perpetrators MAY have used the vehicle during a crime spree and stashed their stolen goods in the car. The owner of the stolen vehicle would not be the beneficiary of the stolen goods just because they were in his vehicle. and they may have to present proof that the items found in the car actually belong to them.

Can lojack be used for vehicle repossession?

No they can't. It is strictly a service to recover vehicles that have been reported stolen.

is this vehicle stolen?

is this vehicle stolen?

How can you get a title for a car that was purchased in Ohio without one and you are in TN.?

It was a mistake to purchase a vehicle in Ohio that did not come with a title. Ohio vehicle owners can easily replace lost titles. Since this wasn't done, it can only be assumed that you purchased a vehicle that may have been stolen in some way (stolen & reported, stolen & not reported, or a self assembled car that was never inspected by the Ohio Highway Patrol)

How do you go about buying a truck that has been reported stolen?

You don't. Purchasing such a vehicle could result in you being charged with receiving stolen property. If you are purchasing an abandonded previously stolen vehicle from a police auction, they will provide a clear title. Otherwise, steer clear of such transactions.

If you were awarded your vehicle in a divorce and your spouse will not return it can you report it stolen?

No you wil have to ge a court order to recover it.

What is a paper vehicle?

It is a vehicle that doesn't actually exist, but is insured under a fake title so that it can later be reported stolen. This is done in a type of insurance scam called a false vehicle scheme.

Can a car be reported as stolen because the loan went into default?

Can it? Yes, by the lender in some case. If the debtor is actively attempting to hinder repossession in many states, or if the vehicle is in possession of a third party who is not on the loan or vehicle registration, then a repossession agent may file a stolen vehicle report. Most will not, preferring to allow the lender to take such action instead.Can it be reported stolen by the debtor once repossession takes place? Often vehicles are reported stolen after repossession happens. However, this is a cautious area. Most debtors already know the vehicle is being sought, and law enforcement takes a dim view of filing false or malicious reports.

Who pays for your stolen vehicle?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, that is the coverage that will pay for your stolen vehicle.

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